Defendant Facing Prison for 5th DUI Arrest

No Prison Sentence!

An Officer witnessed a Driver traveling at a high rate of speed, lose control of his vehicle and collide with a tree. The Officer suspected alcohol impairment after noticing the Defendant had slurred speech, smelled of alcohol and wore club wrist bands. The Defendant submitted to blood testing and his blood-alcohol level registered as .224 and .226: almost three times over the legal limit of .08. The Police charged the Defendant with DUI (Fifth Offense), Driving on a Suspended License, Reckless Driving, No Valid Driver’s License.

RESULT: The Defendant faced a 5-year prison sentence for his crimes, including his fifth offense of DUI. The attorney worked tirelessly for the Client to avoid prison time. The Defense Attorney negotiated a generous plea deal for the Client resulting in NO PRISON SENTENCE!

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