Driver Entered Sobriety Checkpoint; Charged with Dui & License Suspended

License Reinstated!

The Defendant pulled into a Law Enforcement Against Drunk Driving Sobriety Checkpoint. The Officer noticed that the Driver smelled strongly of alcohol, slurred her speech and had difficulty answering simple questions. The Driver failed  Field Sobriety Testing and submitted to a Breathalyzer Test. The Defendant blew .127 in the breath test. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles suspended the Defendant’s license.

RESULT: The Attorney requested a Formal Administrative Review Hearing on the suspension of the Client’s driver’s license. The Attorney reviewed the video of the Field Sobriety Test from the Officer’s cruiser. The Defense proved discrepancies in the Officer’s testimony. The Department of Motor Vehicles and Highway SafetyREINSTATEDthe Client’s license.

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