Driver under Influence of Prescription Pills Slams into Parked Car

No Dui Conviction & No Proof of Insurance Dismissed

A driver under the influence of prescription pills almost hit a pedestrian and crashed into a parked car. The Police responded to the scene. The Officer noticed the Driver had slurred speech, bloodshot/watery eyes and a difficult time keeping his eyes open. The Driver denied that he had been drinking, but admitted to taking prescription pills just hours before the accident. The Driver failed Field Sobriety Testing and agreed to a Breathalyzer Test. The Driver blew .00 and refused to submit to a urine sample. The Police arrested and charged the Defendant with DUI, DUI Property Damage and No Proof of Insurance.

RESULT: The Defense discussed the details of the case with the Prosecution. The Defense convinced the State that their case lacked sufficient evidence. The Defense believed in the Client’s innocence and moved the case forward to trial. The Court DISMISSED the charges of DUI and No Proof of Insurance. The Client entered a plea to a lesser charge and did not receive a DUI conviction.

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