Dui Arrest of Military Soldier

Motion to Suppress Breath Test & Results: Case Dismissed!

The Charges

Police responding to a possible battery at a restaurant observed a man fitting the suspect’s description in the parking lot. Attempting to back out of his parking spot, the man hit the car in front of him. After conducting field sobriety tests, Police arrested the Defendant and charged him with DUI. Defendant submitted to a Breath Test and blew over the legal limit.

Sealing a Record in Florida

Sealing your record can be very complicated. If you have any mistakes made on your application, you may need to start over completely. It would be in your best interest to obtain the services of an experienced lawyer to assist you in this matter. Any small mistake could delay the entire process. 

Not all offenses can be sealed. Examples of a few that cannot include arson, robbery, child abuse, kidnapping, carjacking, homicide, and domestic violence. 

One may wonder why they should even bother having their record sealed. When a person has their record sealed, it can not be accessed by normal means. If you have a background check done, such as for a future employer, they will not be able to see this conviction on your record. You will be able to deny that this was even on your record in a legal sense. The record of this crime happening will be on your record still, but having it sealed will make it harder for some entities to find out about it. The only way for many to find out about the crime is to have your records unsealed. The only way to have this done is to have a court order to do so. 

It can take some time to have your record sealed. On average, it may take six months just to process an application for a certificate of eligibility. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement handles the sealing of records. 

Top Service From An Experienced Law Firm

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RESULT: Our experienced DUI Attorney aggressively challenged the Breath Test and motioned to suppress the results. The Motion enhanced our defense strategy, taking away from the State the key elements required to prosecute the case and secure a conviction. After firm negotiations, the State issued a Nolle Prosequi, dismissing the case against our Client. Our Client is eligible to have his records sealed.