Ex-Husband Slapped Wife during Heated Argument over Child Custody

Charges DROPPED!

Ex-spouses got into a heated argument over the custody of their children. The Defendant became so enraged that he slapped the Victim twice in the face and then fled the scene. By the time the Police had arrived, the Victim’s eyes had swelled completely shut. The Officers caught up with the Defendant and arrested him on  Domestic Battery charges. The Court issued a No Contact Order pending the resolution of the  Battery case.

RESULT: The Attorney filed a Motion to Set Aside the No Contact Order in an effort to maintain the Client’s parent/child relationships; in which the Court GRANTED. The Defense arranged family counseling for the parties and their children. The Defense convinced the Prosecution that moving forward with a trial would disrupt the positive steps the family had created. The Court agreed and DROPPED the charges against the Client!

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