Intoxicated Driver Resists Arrest, Makes Incriminating Statements And Fails Field Sobriety Tests

No DUI Conviction; No Driver’s License Suspension.

A Gulf County Officer pulled over our client for failure to maintain a single lane. The officer observed the vehicle cross the center lane and drift back. It was also observed that the vehicle had crossed the white line to the center lane at a continuous rate. The vehicle then proceeded into the parking lot of a closed gas stating where the officer made contact with the driver. When the officer questioned the driver there was a slight slur in her speech, she had watery eyes and an odor of alcohol admitting from the vehicle. The driver was asked where she was headed to, where she answered that she was just driving around. She was then asked to step out of the vehicle, where she stumbled and use the vehicle as her aid when exiting. She was then asked if she would submit to field sobriety exercises where she had agreed, and performed poorly. She was then placed under arrest and transported to the jail where she was charged with DUI and became verbally hostile to the officers.

RESULT: After diligent negotiations with the ASA (Assistant State Attorney), the result:NO DUI CONVICTION and NO LICENSE SUSPENSION!

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