Juvenile Breaks into Fireworks Stand; Arrested for Burglary, Grand Theft, and Criminal Mischief

Charges DROPPED!

It is not terribly unusual to hear about a case, in which a juvenile is engaged in some form of mischief. However, our Client had been charged with Burglary, Grand Theft, and Criminal Mischief, after breaking into a temporary fireworks stand, and causing damage to surrounding buildings. After being dropped off in the area by a friend, our Client, accompanied by another juvenile, decided to break into the fireworks stand, stealing approximately $300.00 worth of fireworks. During that same timeframe, they proceeded to take some used tires from a nearby towing company, and walked to an adjacent building, where they climbed the roof and threw the tires off, along with some rocks, and some bricks. Earlier that morning, an employee who worked at one of the buildings contacted the police relative to torn awnings, and a damaged A/C unit. The exterior video surveillance showed our Client throwing rocks at the awnings, and bricks at the A/C unit.

RESULT: The attorney was successful convincing the Prosecutor to agree to a dismissal of charge.

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