Man Arrested for 3rd DUI, Passed Out at Wheel, in the Middle of Traffic, With Car Running

No DUI Conviction!

Client was found by officers passed out behind the wheel, in an active left hand lane, with his car running. When the officers made contact with the driver, his head was leaning on the head rest, with his eyes completely closed. The officer shouted at the driver with no response, at this point the officer noticed that the vehicle was in drive, with the driver’s foot on the brake. The officer reached in the vehicle, placed the car in park, and removed the keys from the ignition. This had disturbed the driver, who was now awake. The officer asked the driver to exit the vehicle, where he stumbled, and was unable to stand straight. Field sobriety exercises were administered and completed poorly. Our client refused the breath test, and was then taken into custody, and charged with DUI.

RESULT: After diligent negotiations, we were able to obtain a No DUI Conviction!

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