Middle Aged Salesman Accused of Sexually Molesting a Child Family Member

No Conviction, No Lifetime Sexual Predator Probation, and Eligibility for Complete Sealing of Record!
CLIENT FACED: 2 CONSECUTIVE LIFE SENTENCES FOLLOWED BY 30 YEARS IN PRISON Middle Aged Salesman Accused Of Sexually Molesting A Child Family Member Over The Course Of 12 Years, Makes Incriminating Statements and Apologizes to The Victim In A Recorded Conversation; Arrested On Four Counts of Lewd And Lascivious Molestation Across Two Different Counties. Facts: Our client, a middle-aged salesman, was accused of sexually molesting a child in his family multiple times when the child was 4 until she became 15. Specifically, the child told law enforcement that, on many occasions, our client fondled her, made oral contact with her vagina, and penetrated her with his fingers. These allegations were said to have occurred in 2 different Florida counties. In order to obtain a confession, law enforcement arranged for the child to call our client and record the conversation. During this taped conversation, our client made many incriminating statements, including apologizing to the child for what he had done. Based upon the child’s allegations and the incriminating statements, law enforcement arrested our client and prosecutors later charged him with 2 Counts of Lewd and Lascivious Molestation Upon a Victim Under the Age of 12 (1st Degree Felony)in one county, and 2 Counts of Lewd and Lascivious Molestation Upon A Victim 12 Years and Over, But Under The Age of 16 (2nd Degree Felony) in a separate county. Our Strategy: In one of the counties, our attorney diligently prepared the case for trial. This was done by conducting numerous depositions. At trial, our attorney exposed the doubts that law enforcement had about the child’s truthfulness, used testimony from depositions to vigorously cross-examine all witnesses, and poked holes in the prosecutor’s case to produce doubt in the minds of the jurors. After closing arguments, the jury retired to consider the case. After a mere 20 minutes, the jury returned a NOT GUILTY VERDICT on both charges based upon the attorney’s diligent preparation and strong arguments at trial. Further, based upon this result, the attorney was also able to convince the prosecutor in the other county to dismiss those charges. Because of the NOT GUILTY VERDICT in the one county, and the dismissed charges in other county, the client also became eligible to have his arrest and court record totally sealed. RESULT: NOT GUILTY JURY VERDICT IN ONE COUNTY, AND DISMISSAL OF CHARGES IN THE OTHER COUNTY, RESULTING IN NO CONVICTION, NO LIFETIME SEXUAL PREDATOR PROBATION, AND ELIGIBILITY FOR COMPLETE SEALING OF RECORD!