Property Manager Stopped for Driving Recklessly, Found Naked and Incoherent in Her Car, Blows .239 And .232

Full Reinstatement of Driver’s License!

Police responded to a citizen complaint of a person driving their vehicle erratically and at one point, stopping to get out and vomit. After locating the vehicle, officers made contact with our client and found her totally naked. When asked to perform roadside sobriety tests, she performed poorly. Throughout the course of the officers’ investigation and subsequent arrest, she gave incoherent responses to questions and made very incriminating statements. Breath test results also showed very high results of .239 and .232.

RESULT: Despite strong evidence of impairment, high breath test results, abnormal behavior and incriminating statements, we were able to convince the hearing officer at the formal administrative review to grant our motions, resulting in LIFTING OF THE SUSPENSION and FULL REINSTATEMENT OF DRIVER’S LICENSE!

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