Shoplifter Arrested Twice Within 3 Days for Petit Theft!

No Conviction on Both Charges!

The Defendant was arrested at a retail store on a charge of Petit Theft. The Defendant had no prior criminal history and the Court placed her into a Diversion Program to avoid prosecution. Only 3 days after bonding out of jail, the Defendant was arrested again on another Petit Theft charge at another retail store. This second arrested violated the terms of the bond and the Judge had the Defendant brought back to the Polk County Jail to await trial on the 2 separate theft charges.

RESULT: The Defendant retained Musca Law Firm to defend the charges against her. The Defense filed a Motion to Set Bond to release the Client from jail and await trial under the supervision of her parents. The Defense worked out a deal with the Prosecution and the Client received NO FORMAL FINDING OF GUILT on both charges of Petit Theft.

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