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Legal Service "I thought my my career, and my life, were over"

I was arrested for DUI in October 2012 and blew a .169. I thought my “goose was cooked” and that my career, and my life, were over. I knew my only hope was to hire the best DUI law firm money could buy. I reviewed firms online and read about Musca Law and their ebook “How to Beat a DUI in Florida,”.

I called the firm and was immediately put at ease by a knowledgeable, calm and supportive attorney who was able to convince me Musca Law was the correct choice.

The attorney on my criminal case was always available on his direct line to answer my questions and concerns before, during, and after my ordeal. Immediately, he recognized a problem with the officer pulling me over in the first place, and filed a Motion to Suppress The Stop. His expert presence and cross-examining of the officer during that motion was exceptional and dynamic, just like you see in the movies!

He eventually won the motion, and the Prosecutor had no choice but to dismiss all the charges against me. Now, my professional license and my ability to earn a living is no longer in jeopardy. My highest praise and commendation goes to Musca Law. Thank You so Much!

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Legal Service "I can walk away from this whole ordeal with a clean record!!"

Attorney Rebecca Royer, and the staff of Musca Law, just recently gave me very good news about my case. As a result their research and their pre-trial motion to suppress, my criminal DUI charge, with a blow of 0.14, was reduced to a lesser offense, so I was able to avoid a DUI conviction! To make matters even better, the attorneys were able to negotiate withhold of adjudication on the reduced charge, which means I wasn’t even convicted of the lesser offense and I can walk away from this whole ordeal with a clean record!! I never thought, after blowing a .014, that this was even possible!! I am so glad I may now put this whole nightmare behind me and move on with my life.

The Musca Law attorneys and staff have been really good to me. They have explained my case, the strengths and weaknesses, the status, and kept me informed throughout the whole process- I mean, literally, every step of the way! Hopefully, this will be my last time needing a defense attorney, but if I ever needed help again, I would not hesitate to contact Musca Law.

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Legal Service "I am 53 years old with a spotless record and glad to keep it that way thanks to the time, effort, hard work, and professionalism of the Musca Law Firm."

I would like to take this time to thank everyone at the Musca Law firm for their work on my case. Most importantly, I would like to thank my attorney Casey Bryant. I knew from the beginning I had the right attorney in my corner! I was wrongly accused of battery. While celebrating with family and friends the night before, a fight broke out. Myself, and a good friend, broke up the fight and the persons involved fled. Several months later, I was wrongly accused as the person involved in the fight. The first attorney I hired could not even get a response from the State Attorney handling the case. Then I found the Musca Law and decided the hire the firm.

After conversations with attorney Casey Bryant, who knew I would settle for nothing less than a FULL DISMISSAL due to my innocence, he immediately took control of the case. Casey did the due diligence necessary on the case by interviewing witnesses and the police who were on the scene, as well as starting a dialogue with the State Attorney. After gathering information and statements by witnesses, Casey was able to present a strong argument on my behalf to the State Attorney on why the case should be dismissed. If the State Attorney was not willing to dismiss the case, Casey was ready to take the case to trial.

The result: Case Dismissed by the State!

Without Casey’s bulldog approach on gaining the evidence and sorting out the facts of this case, and insisting on a dismissal, I’m sure I would have gone to trial. I am 53 years old with a spotless record and glad to keep it that way thanks to the time, effort, hard work, and professionalism of the Musca Law Firm and the attorney assigned to my case. Thank you from not only myself, but my family.

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Legal Service "To say that we are pleased with the final outcome would be a major understatement."

I’d like to take a brief moment to pass along our sincere thanks for your efforts, and those of your assistant Rocio Varela, in handling our son’s license suspension case.

As you are aware, our son is at college in Tampa, while my wife and I live in Pennsylvania, nearly 1,500 miles away. So you can imagine our concerns about his rights being strictly protected and receiving a fair trial, given the geographical issues. Well, all I can say is that we definitely made the right decision in selecting you and your team at Musca Law to represent our son’s interests. Your timely, periodic updates eased our fears, and keeping us informed as to your legal strategy in the case helped us to believe that there was a “light at the end of the tunnel”. To say that we are pleased with the final outcome would be a major understatement.

Please know that we would not hesitate to recommend you or the Musca Law firm to our friends or family that may find themselves in a similar situation.

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Legal Service "Your guidance through this process took the burden off my shoulders."

I want to express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude to Carlos Amor and Rebecca Sonalia and the Musca Law staff for the comfort they provided me during one of the most frightening events I have ever been through. Your guidance through this process took the burden off my shoulders of dealing with a process I have no knowledge of. I wish the court system could be as good. If everybody did their job as you and your staff, we would not have as much problems in our system. Again, thank you and God bless!

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Legal Service "I recommend Musca Law to anyone charged with a DUI in the State of Florida."

I am writing this letter to commend Rebecca Sonalia on the great job she did representing my son whom was arrested in December, 2012 for DUI and Property Damage. Attorney Sonalia found something missing in the police report (or something to that effect) and managed to get the DMV case against him dismissed in only a few weeks. I also should mention that while his car was totaled so he had no vehicle to drive, she had immediately obtained a temporary driving permit that he would have been able to use, and now he has his full license reinstated. Rebecca also was available to me each and every time I called, and that really meant a lot, especially in this day of voice mail and texts where nobody ever wants to seem to talk on the phone. I recommend Musca Law to anyone charged with a DUI in the State of Florida.

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Legal Service "They had the best team and would be willing to fight on my behalf."

I want to that you for your attention to detail and the ultimate results obtained in my recent DUI case. I had a prior offense 9 years ago, but this second episode could have been disastrous for me. Scared and not knowing where to turn, I reached out to Musca Law as I felt that they had the best team and would be willing to fight on my behalf.

I never had to appear in court and I received the results that I had hoped for and in just 52 days. Case dismissed…. I can’t thank you enough.

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Legal Service "Confidence, reassurance and honesty."

I was arrested on a violation of Felony Probation because I was not able to complete the court-ordered classes before the expiration of my probation.

My partner called several law firms, and everyone kept telling her how complicated this would be. Musca Law took one look at it and said it was a simple and straightforward case. Their confidence, reassurance and honesty had a lot to do with our decision to go with them.

We retained them on Tuesday, a motion was filed on Wednesday, and I was released Thursday. All charges were dropped thanks to Musca Law.

I have no doubt that the outcome would have been MUCH different had I gone with anyone else. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will return to them if I ever have any need.

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Legal Service "Without reservation, I would readily recommend Musca Law to anyone."

I am a former Chairman of the Board and CEO of a Florida Corporation and when someone in the Company was doing a good job for me I wanted to know, so I thought you would want to know about the fine job Harley and the team at Musca Law did for us.

Recently, our autistic son got in trouble at school and we hired the Musca Law Firm to represent him. Musca Law Associate, Harley Brook, met with us and listened intently as my wife and I ask him for his help with this troubling matter.

Harley called us today and to our great relief said that he had met with the prosecutor and was successful convincing her to drop all the charges!!

Without reservation, I would readily recommend Musca Law to anyone requiring criminal defense assistance.

Thank You Harley and Musca Law!

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Legal Service "Musca law lawyers are the best! thank you so much great results."

Nothing but good experience very professional lawyers I had an old Dui case when i was young stupid of me never show up for court they were able to opened up my case to set aside bench warrant once again their great experience on that matter i was able to get my case going and get it dismissed..... all i can say thank you Rachel & brenda great lawyers kept me updated every step of the process save my life now Im able to keep going with my life now that i know that's behind thank you God thank you Musca law i would definitely recommend this law firm to friends and family.

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Legal Service "If you want a professional and ‘get things done legal team’, I’d recommend Musca Law."

Attorney Rebecca Sonalia from Musca Law was great. She handled the DMV portion of my DUI case. During the whole process, she was very knowledgeable, friendly, and accessible. With the help of her assistant Jessica Ventura, the two of them were a great team.

Ms. Sonalia was able to secure a temporary driving permit in the state of FL for me when my out of state license had been confiscated. Within one month of that, I received a phone call from her stating that she had won my DMV case, thus allowing me to drive in the state of FL legally again.

If you want a professional and “get things done legal team”, I’d recommend Rebecca Sonalia and Musca Law to anybody with a pending DUI case in the state of FL.

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Legal Service "You can’t go wrong with Royce Saafield and Musca Law"

A huge thank you to Royce Saafield for obtaining a not guilty verdict on my daughters DUI charges. He worked tirelessly on her defense with a positive outcome. Rebecca Somalia got her license reinstated quickly. I would highly recommend Royce, Rebecca and Musca Law to anyone seeking an experienced team of lawyers.

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Legal Service "I found not just an aggressive attorney and advocate, but a friend throughout my horrendous ordeal!"

I am a Real Estate broker who was arrested for my second DUI Arrest 11 months ago. Confused and overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to turn. I had heard from many people in town that Attorney John Musca of Musca Law was the best attorney for handling DUI cases.

From the moment I met John, I knew I had made the right decision to hire him. I found him to be genuine-a real human being-who treated me, and handled my case, with compassion, concern, and understanding. Above all, it was obvious to me Attorney Musca knew his stuff!!! Upon further research, I learned he had special training and qualifications other DUI attorneys in the area did not. I discovered, for instance, he was certified in field sobriety testing and breathalyzer operation. There is NO DOUBT this special training was crucial in helping Attorney Musca obtain a favorable outcome on my DUI case.

I was also impressed with the intensity and enthusiasm with which Attorney Musca took on my case. No sooner was I present in his office for the first meeting than was he immediately filing an emergency appeal to save my Driver’s License and calling the prosecutor on my behalf. He, along with the rest of his team, took immediate action on my behalf. And, most importantly, that level of extra attention and care NEVER diminished as the case progressed.

In Attorney Musca, I found not just an aggressive attorney and advocate, but a friend throughout my horrendous ordeal! Months after my case was resolved, attorney Musca still checks in with me to make sure I am alright and that my life is back on track! Now that’s unique! That’s special!

Everything I heard prior to retaining Musca Law proved to be true! And I recommend him and the firm to anyone needing criminal defense assistance!

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Legal Service "I have the best team possible for DUI defense assisting me on this case."

I am writing this with a great deal of gratitude in my heart. I was stopped this past June and charged with DUI. I am 51 years old and have never been in trouble with the law and therefore had no idea who to contact for a lawyer to defend me.

I did research on the web and read a lot about Musca Law. I am so grateful that I chose Musca Law.

Ms. Rebecca Sonalia was my attorney for the DMV part of my case. This part was very important to me because I am a CDL holder.

At all times, Rebecca made sure she answered all of my questions and never made me feel like she was in a hurry and wanted to get off of the phone. She informed me that she felt we would win this case because the hearing officer did not have in their possession a very important document verifying the required inspection of the breathalyzer machine which was used the night of my arrest.

This afternoon, Rebecca called me and informed me that we had won the case and that she had been monitoring the DMV website and that my license had been fully reinstated. She also informed me all restrictions on the CDL portion of my license had been lifted!

I was not sure about Musca Law’s team approach to my case in the beginning, but now I am a true believer. Mr. Musca, Ms. Sonalia and Mr. Rinard, I cannot thank you all enough!

I do feel confident that I have the best team possible for DUI defense assisting me on this case. I would highly recommend your firm to anyone who finds themselves in need of a criminal defense firm.

Again thank you so much! I am on my way to DMV to get my driver’s license back!

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Legal Service "This law firm and the lawyers who comprise it are the REAL DEAL and WILL do their best to take care of you."

Sleepless nights and Anxiety for the future was what I was feeling when I was arrested for my 2nd DUI / 2nd refusal.

After researching online I retained Musca Law firm…Within 4 hours of retention, I had already received emails from my team of lawyers explaining exactly what I needed to do and exactly what they had already done.

My DMV administrative hearing and hardship license was requested that same day by Ms. Sonalia. My waiver of appearance at the 1st hearing for my case was also accomplished. Everything that could have been done at that moment was done.

I couldn’t have been more impressed by their professionalism and prompt responses to all my questions. Even though they have probably answered the same questions a million times they made me feel like an individual and for the first time in all my dealings with lawyers they made me feel like they cared. Immediately I felt more at ease and relaxed with the situation.

As stated previously, this was my 2nd DUI refusal and I was facing an 18-month license suspension with no possibility of being eligible for a hardship one during that entire time.

Well, my hearing was 2 weeks ago and I got the phone call last week that we had won at the DMV Admin Hearing! I went and got my license this past Friday with no restrictions and no machines!

Words failed me when I got that phone call and I couldn’t have been more pleased. It’s incredibly difficult to win at the DMV hearings in case you are not aware, but Attorney Sonalia made a compelling argument. My criminal case is still pending, but I have no doubt that 100 percent will be given then as well.

This law firm and the lawyers who comprise it are the REAL DEAL and WILL do their best to take care of you.

My praise doesn’t come easily and this is my way of thanking them for an outstanding job!!

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Legal Service "They won my case through hard work and an incredible focus."

I had the pleasure of being represented by Attorney Rebecca Sonalia in my DMV hearing for my DUI case and I am extremely pleased with the job she did. Ms. Sonalia won my case through hard work and an incredible focus on detail and examination of all aspects of the case. She developed a list of multiple issues and investigated the details of each one. Through her hard work she discovered operational issues with the breathalyzer that was used and further investigation led to the discovery that a state inspector had mandated that the machine should be taken out of service. This would not have been discovered if she had not been so thorough. I highly recommend Ms. Sonalia.

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Legal Service "I couldn’t have found a better attorney to handle my case.”"

Attorney Rebecca Sonalia from Musca Law was incredible. She handled the DMV part of my DUI case. From day one, she was extremely informative, friendly, and available to answer any of the inquiries I had. She offered her email and work number and told me to call whenever I’d like, and she was always able to get back to me promptly.

Rebecca was able to get me a permit to drive to go to work, school, and grocery store for about a month and a half after I had been charged with the DUI. She explained the limitations I had with that permit in detail and offered advice. She always made it a point to keep me updated with the findings she had; for instance, she told me that she was investigating the accuracy of the breathalyzer that I had used the night of my arrest. She was incredibly professional, and she did her homework regarding all the evidence in my case.

Finally, she was aggressive with her research and discovered that my breathalyzer had not been accurate. Hence, my DMV case was then dropped. Even after the case, she informed me that she will be available for any other questions I have regarding the case–which is comforting.

I honestly feel like I couldn’t have found a better attorney to handle my case. She did her best to work on my behalf and follow through with everything in a timely manner. Without hesitation, she would be a lawyer that I’d recommend to anybody with a DUI case.

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Legal Service "It has been an honor and a pleasure being represented by Musca Law during this ordeal."

It is with great pleasure that the Musca Law firm represented me during this especially trying time. The state of Florida tried to suspend my driver’s license and my CDL due to an accident in September 2010. The charges filed against me included DUI with Serious Bodily Harm. I did have a passenger, my wife. However, due to the accident, neither of us remembers anything prior to the event. We do know it was uncharacteristic of us to be out at that time of day and for me to be legally intoxicated. I hired the Musca Law Firm, and with the assistance of Sherry Jones, my attorney Rebecca Sonalia was able to provide enough doubt to the DMV to fully reinstate all my driving privileges.

Sherry Jones and Rebecca Sonalia have been outstanding during this time. They provided me with every detail, from the booking to the reinstatement. There has not been a single instance that I was not informed of or how to handle it. I read the testimonials prior to calling. It is why I called. It has been an honor and a pleasure being represented by Musca Law during this ordeal. Thank you.

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Legal Service "You are professionals that really care."

I would just like to start off by saying how sincerely grateful and thankful I truly am for all you have done. You were always there every step of the way and for that I thank you. Always kept me informed and returned back to me any information you received. I never once felt out of the loop. You guys were always friendly and willing to help and clarify any questions or doubts that I had. It truly felt as if we had a personal relationship, not just a business one. Your attention to detail is equal to none. It was because of that, that we got the results we did, coming out on top and victorious. I would tell any and everyone that has a situation like mine to come to you immediately; you are professionals that really care. More than just people working on the case, it felt as if we grew a relationship as well. Thank you once again.

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Legal Service "I am very impressed and happy to have the chance to prove to my community that I am a better man."

I need to thank all of your staff for their hard work. Because of them, I have been given the chance to prove myself again. I can’t thank you enough. This firm does not work from 9 to 5. The staff made themselves available to me telephonically, through email as well as on Saturdays. Their availability and Communication was perfect. Casey Brant, the attorney who handled my case, was exceptional! He told me how your staff used the “think tank” team work approach. This put several minds to work on my case, not just 1. I am sure this is why my case turned out the way it did. The Judge, nicknamed “Madame Time” in my case saw 20 felonies, VOP, and a violent offender, and expressed in open court she did not want me back in the community. Things were looking bad for me. Then my attorney turned it all around. He definitely knows what he is doing and thinks well under pressure. I received 30 months probation.

I am very impressed and happy to have the chance to prove to my community that I am a better man.

Thank You John Musca Law for my second chance!

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Legal Service "We couldn’t have asked for a better team or a better outcome, and they were with us every step of the way."

I can’t thank John Musca, Carlos Amor, and Rebecca Sonalia enough for all their hard work and dedication in helping my son and me during a very stressful time. My son was in college in South Florida and I was in Connecticut when he was pulled over for a DUI while helping a friend. He was in Miami Dade county jail, and I was 1,500 miles away. I had no idea what to do. We had never been in this type of situation before. We were scared.

I searched the internet and called John Musca Law because it was rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. It was a Sunday! and he spent a good hour on the phone with my son and I, explaining everything. By the end of the conversation, we both felt that we had made the right choice to hire them. Then Rebecca and Carlos stepped in to assist us and they were so helpful and resourceful, always keeping us up to date and always accessible. I would recommend them to anyone. We couldn’t have asked for a better team or a better outcome, and they were with us every step of the way. We never felt lost and they left no stone unturned in helping our case. Thank you, thank you, thank you! May God bless you all.

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Legal Service "The expertise of Musca Law’s staff and courteous service go without saying."

My husband was charged with DUI and the Musca Law attorneys got the entire case reduced to a civil traffic infraction! I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and service that we’ve received from starting with Kerry, Rebecca, and Rocio and through the entire process. It was phenomenal how everybody talked me through everything and put me at ease. The direction we got was terrific. The staff was honest and upfront about everything. My husband John was charged with DUI. We were considering entering a plea that involved a lot of penalties including probation, community service hours, impound of our vehicle, etc. However, Musca Law staff urged us to push the case to trial because they felt that it was a winnable case. Upon notifying the prosecutor that we wanted a trial, the prosecutor caved in and allowed us to resolve the case as a civil traffic infraction. All criminal charges were dropped. The expertise of Musca Law’s staff and courteous service go without saying. I would truly recommend the Musca Law firm to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. We could not be happier with the outcome.

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Legal Service "Accurate, fast, understandable, powerful and solved my case within six weeks."

What a great lawyer. Mr. John Musca is accurate, fast, understandable, powerful and solved my case within six weeks. I have international experiences (Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Egypt) but never before I saw such a great lawyer like Mr. Musca. Thank and congratulation to your wonderful job.

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Legal Service "Musca Law Firm did an excellent job of taking away the fear and uncertainty."

I would like to take this time to sincerely thank Musca Law firm for their incredible services throughout my case. Their hardworking team worked diligently to ensure an outcome I was happy with. They quickly took the case and navigated me through every twist and turn to the very end. A special Thank You to Kerry Bynes, who stayed in continual contact with me step by step to explain this seemingly overwhelming and daunting process. She worked with me on any financial issues I had, questions that may arise, as well as assuring me help with any follow-up needs that may arise from this case.

Legal matters being brought against you can be a very scary situation, Musca Law Firm did an excellent job of taking away the fear and uncertainty of it all and replacing it with confidence, and a solid understanding of what was happening and what steps to take, all leading up to a positive ending. I highly recommend Musca Law to anybody requiring legal assistance!

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Legal Service "I feel that my case was handled aggressively, ethically, and efficiently."

At the time of my DUI arrest, I had just moved to Florida and did not know anyone to ask for advice on whom to go to for legal representation. I did some research on DUI attorneys and came across Musca Law Firm. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical of hiring an attorney without a personal referral but my skepticism was immediately met with relief. Within hours of contacting Musca Law Firm, I was introduced to the team of attorneys and legal professionals that would be handling my case.

Rebecca Sonalia represented me during the DMV hearing. After meticulous examination of my arrest packet, Ms. Sonalia was able to find a problem with how the officer handled my arrest. She brought her findings before the hearing officer in my DMV hearing and made a motion to lift the suspension. She was able to back up her argument quoting from several other cases that were similar to my own. This resulted in full reinstatement of my license. Jessica Ventura, assistant to Ms. Sonalia, walked me through the entire DMV process and made it easy to understand. She answered all of my questions, no matter how trivial (even on the weekend). In addition, both Ms. Sonalia and Ms. Ventura have taken time out of their evenings (after hours) to work around my schedule.

John Musca and The Musca Law team have all the attributes that I was looking for in a Law Firm: knowledge and seasoned experience, professionalism, integrity, strategic thinking, enthusiasm, effective communication, and responsiveness. I feel that my case was handled aggressively, ethically, and efficiently. I HIGHLY recommend Musca Law Firm to anyone in need of legal representation.

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Legal Service "I felt like I had a fighting chance and that things were going to start looking up."

Coming from a real small county, getting any charge dealt with is a hassle~ but dealing with it from another state is even worse. When I got in touch with Musca law, I already felt like I had a fighting chance and that things were going to start looking up. In a matter of a week they were able to bring me in and my bond down from 126,000$ to a mere 10,000- needless to say a victory for the start of my vexing case. Very attentive and knowledgeable about the situations, 5 stars.

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Legal Service "Knew exactly what he was doing and took charge of the situation before it was too late."

Please extend my gratitude to your legal team from my husband and I.
His drinking and driving charge really shook up our family because this was the first time any of us had ever had any sort of legal problems. He had called several other firms looking for someone to take my case but was coming up empty until we got a call back from you right away. It was apparent from the beginning that the attorney we hired knew exactly what he was doing and took charge of the situation before it was too late.

Thank you so much for getting the charges dropped and getting our lives back to normal.

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Legal Service "You won’t go wrong with Musca!"

I usually don’t bother writing reviews because it takes a lot to impress me, but your integrity, intellect and patience is worth talking about. They say that for every negative experience a customer has they will tell 6 people, whereas if they have a great experience they will only tell 1, so hopefully this reaches more than one person and convinces them to hire your firm to represent them. My case was a difficult one. I was charged with fraud and the odds were definitely stacked against me. I really felt like it was me against the world until I found your firm through a family friend. After that the rest is history! You immediately returned my call and assured me that all was not lost. I felt respected and heard for the first time since my ordeal began and knew that you were the right choice. I know how much time and effort you put into ensuring that we had a strong case, so even though I did not get off completely Scott free, I would like to thank you so much for getting me the most reduced sentence possible. To the person who is reading this, know that if you hire this firm you are making an investment in your future.

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Legal Service "Thanks for saving my daughter."

My daughter and I would just like to say a quick thank you for helping her with her DUI charge. What she did was extremely irresponsible but she has learned her lesson and we both very much appreciate your dedication to her case. It is nice to know that there are legal professionals out there who actually care about their clients and not just about making a buck. I am confident that she will not make a similar mistake again in the future, but if we ever do have any other sort of legal issues in our family, we would be proud to have you represent us once again.

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Legal Service "Don’t give up until you have called this firm!"

Don’t give up until you have called this firm! You made me realize that there really is hope for everyone, no matter how heavily the odds are stacked against them. I know now how important it is to stand up and fight for your freedom and your rights, and how much of a difference it makes to have a smart, confident lawyer on your side. Your experience was crucial in my case and it was clear that you knew your stuff. I take comfort knowing that you’ll be there if I ever need you and that you have helped thousands of honest, hard working people just like me.

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Legal Service "Finally, a lawyer that treated me like a human being."

Hallelujah! Finally, a lawyer that treated me like a human being. We can’t all be perfect citizens, and I have definitely made my fair share of mistakes, so it’s always great to meet someone that doesn’t judge you on your past and focuses more on making your future brighter. That’s exactly what you did…you put a positive spin on every negative thing that I have done and put together a detailed case that convinced the judge that I deserved a new lease on life. I’m working on becoming a better person, so thanks for helping me and inspiring me to make some necessary changes in my life.

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Legal Service "You saved me in more ways than one."

The John Musca Law Firm is the "Robert Shapiro, Johnny Cochrain and Jose Baez" operation of all Florida Defense Firms. I don't know how your associate Mark Youngblood did it ! I could not have asked for a more thorough, compassionate and downright tenacious attorney to represent me in my fifth DUI arrest. I could not have imagined a more favorable outcome: Zero jail time and only one year probation! Thanks for your hard work, Mark, and for the personal advice you gave to me concerning my alcoholism. Thanks to you I'm celebrating 150 days of sobriety this week. I feel great and I'm so hopeful about the future. You saved me in more ways than one.

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Legal Service "Passionate, dedicated and brilliant!"

In an emergency, on a holiday weekend, we called Musca Law (I was truly in a panic). Mr. Musca was immediately available, calmed me down and was able to earn my trust right away. I retained the firm immediately. The team approach in which they coordinated my husband’s defense was truly amazing and something I wasn’t expecting. They handled my husband's case professionally, honestly and with dignity. The attorney argued my husband’s case in front of a jury while he was dog sick and was “spot on brilliant!”. For that, we are truly grateful. I would recommend John Musca and his firm to anyone I know who has a need of a criminal lawyer (hopefully no one has a need though)

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Legal Service "Trust me, these people are worth every dime!"

I'm a Registered Nurse. During Easter week of March, 2013, I was stopped, arrested, and confined for my 2nd DUI. With my nursing and driver's licenses at stake, I began looking online for lawyers and information on how I could protect my professional license and ability to drive.

On Easter Sunday, of all days, I was able to make immediate contact with John Musca of Musca Law. I was beyond believing anyone could help me, but he assured me he had, what he believed to be, the best DUI lawyers in the state who could. I was impressed by his confidence and reassurance that all was not lost, and equally impressed he was so available to me on a holiday.

Immediately, they obtained for me a permit to drive, even though my DUI ticket said I was NOT eligible for a permit! I was then able to drive and tend to my patients needs while they worked on reinstating my full driver's license. Then, within 4 weeks on me contacting them, I received notice my Driver's License had been fully reinstated on account of a tactical decision not to subpoena a certain witness at the DMV hearing! Now I can drive, and practice my trade without compromise.

Trust me, these people are worth every dime! They have a system of attorneys who are experts in the field working together and they get things done! Personally, I believe in divine intervention and Mr Musca and his team have been that intervention for me. Hallelujuh! And thank You, with all my heart and soul!

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Legal Service "You must contact Musca Law if you are charge with a DUI"

I am writing to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Attorney Rebecca Sonalia for an outstanding job in representing me in DMV court. I was charged with DUI in March 2018. Chances of winning my case were slim, due Rececca's expertise and talent, we won my case and my license was reinstated immediately! Kuddo to Rebecca and the Musca Law team.

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Legal Service "Musca Law cleared my son’s of a felony conviction"

Musca Law answered my call in the middle of the night after my son was arrested with a fake ID. He was charged with Fraud and a third degree Felony. Within 2 weeks the Felony charge was dismissed. I was amazed how fast Musca Law worked for my son. The results are astounding. What I found so comforting was that every time I called, Musca Law answered the phone. They also took care of my son's traffic ticket. I strongly recommend Musca Law.

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Legal Service "I would recommend Tammy Forrest and Musca Law to anyone!"

I was recently falsely charged with stalking and hit with a restraining order. Musca Law and Tammy Forrest came to the rescue on short notice.
Tammy was an aggressive advocate. She was a good listener, conscientious, caring, good at reading people, great on preparation, and very professional. She did a great job and was able to get the case dismissed. Tammy became a friend as well as my attorney.
I would recommend Tammy Forrest and Musca Law to anyone!

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