Lady Lake, FL (January 15, 2019) – Police say that a woman from Lady Lake was caught with syringes and drugs and was arrested after she tried to make officers believe that she had diabetes. 

Authorities say that 31-year-old Nicole Rae Webber was driving a vehicle with an expired license plate when she was pulled over on Friday evening. Police say that her license plate had expired in 2010. When they investigated further, they discovered that the tag decal and license plate did not match.

When police investigated further, they discovered that the decal was supposed to be on a black pickup truck and that Webber was driving with a suspended driver’s license.

Police checked the vehicle and found that it contained several syringes. Webber immediately tried to tell police that she had been diabetic since she was 12 but she claimed to not know what type of diabetic she was. When police searched her purse, they also discovered a container of marijuana and an Alprazolam pill.

Police arrested her on a variety of drug charges as well as driving with a suspended license. She has since been taken into custody.

Lady Lake Drug Possession Laws

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