NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FL (Miami-Dade County)- According to an arrest report on, Miami Police arrested a man following a serious confrontation that quickly escalated into a shooting incident outside of a North Miami Beach shopping center. The incident occurred in the area of 182nd Street and Northeast 19th Avenue at approximately 6 p.m. last Thursday evening.

One witness described the incident as being like "bang, bang, bang, like four shots." The eyewitness, who requested that he or she remained anonymous, stated that they were very scared, and when they witnessed the shooting, they decided to stay away and locked their doors. The witness stated again that they tried to "stay very away" from the incident, and after about two minutes, the police arrived. 

According to the Miami Police incident and arrest report, a man who was armed and later identified attempted to start a fight with one of the employees at a cellphone repair store. However, the other man was also armed with a gun.  

Surveillance camera video allegedly shows the attacker displaying his gun to the store employee. Miami Police state the man had a gun permit to carry the firearm legally. The Miami Police report states the angry customer then got into a silver car, but the man continued to make threats to the victim by aiming his pistol at the victim.

The surveillance camera video then displays the perpetrator stopped across the street from the shopping plaza. At that time, another man, reported to be the friend of the victim, appeared before the perpetrator to talk to the man, and he made some gestures toward the perpetrator. The video purportedly shows the victim's friend pulled out a paintball gun and then fired the paintball gun at the perpetrator's car.

According to the Miami Police report, the suspect then drove away but returned a little later. This time, the suspect stopped his car along the roadway in front of the victim's workplace. This is when the victim, who stated he feared for his life, fired shots at the suspect's car. The victim hit the suspect's car with bullets, but no one was harmed in the shooting. According to the report, a total of four parked motor vehicles in the area were damaged during the shooting.

The suspect then fled the scene. Miami Police found the suspect and arrested him at his residence. He has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The suspect appeared before the Criminal Justice Court on Friday morning. His bond was set at $5,000. There was no indication as to whether the suspect posted bail or remains at the county jail. No other information at this time has been provided. The names of those involved in the matter have been withheld from the news article due to Florida's Marsy's law.