Brock Boston, a former flight attendant facing pending sexual molestation charges, was released without bond but was ordered to wear a GPS monitor upon his release from Orange County Jail. Judge Roger McDonald had previously considered Boston a flight risk because of his employment with an airline. Since he is no longer employed by the airline, the judge said he is no longer a flight risk. The judge ordered Boston to surrender his airline identification and passport. The judge also ordered Boston not to have any unsupervised contact with a minor, except for Boston's brother and sister. The judge admonished Boston, "Don't do anything stupid."

Boston is accused of meeting the teen boy online. He arranged a rendezvous with the boy at Orlando Fashion Squire Mall on Jan 5. They then went to Boston's home on Haylock Drive in Orlando where they allegedly kissed and engaged in a sex act in Boston's bedroom, according to reports. Based on the arrest report, Boston allegedly attempted to engage in more sexual activities with the boy, despite the boy repeatedly telling him to stop. After Boston took the boy back to the mall, the boy called his therapist, who informed the boy's father. Boston was arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious batter on a minor.

The boy's father said he "wants absolutely no contact" between Boston and his "very troubled adolescent." He said, "I want Mr. Boston prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." The court agreed to let Boston fly to Indiana with his parents, where his father is a minister. Brock also was ordered to pay an initial fee of $250 for the GPS monitor as well as a monthly fee of $250 as a condition of his release.

Criminal defense attorney John Musca commented, "A defendant charged which sexual molestation of a minor faces very serious legal and social consequences if convicted. The impact of these cases often goes beyond even the jail time that can result and haunt a defendant for the rest of his life. It is important that a defendant facing such charges get immediate legal advice from an attorney experienced in handling such cases."