Tallahassee, FL (November 20, 2018) – On Saturday, November 17th, a call came into the Florida State University Police Department at 11:04 pm stating that a man by the name of Ronnie Lanier, who was an employee at the university, was in possession of a firearm that was being stored in his personal belongings in an unsecured closet on the campus.

The FSU Police arrived at the location and discovered that there was a loaded gun with additional bullets in Lanier’s bag.  The police located 29-year-old Ronnie Lanier and detained him in a separate part of the building.

Lanier explained to the officers that the gun belonged to his girlfriend and the gun was being stored in his bad.  He was aware that the firearm was loaded but indicated that the safety was on at the time. Lanier has had a previous conviction for an armed robbery that included the use of a deadly weapon back in September of 2012.  He is currently facing charges that include being in the possession of a firearm on school property and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.



Gun Possession as a Convicted Felon in Florida


Tallahassee, FL- Florida State University Employee Arrest for Having a Loaded Gun at WorkWeapon charges are taken very seriously in Florida especially when you are a convicted felon.  If you are convicted of such a crime, you can be facing serious consequences.  Under Florida laws, the crime of possessing a firearm as a convicted felon takes place when a convicted felon knowingly possesses, controls, cares for or owns a firearm.  There are two types of possession.  One is called actual possession wherein the felon has the firearm in their hand, in a container in their hand, or is so close to the felon that it’s within ready reach.  The other is called constructive possession which means that the convicted felon does not have physical control of the firearm but instead the firearm is located in a place that the accused person has control of.

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