Tallahassee, FL (January 16, 2019) – Police reported that a man was beaten and kidnapped from a Hardee’s in Tallahassee last week after he was accused of stealing. The three suspects who were tied to the incident claimed that the victim broke into their home and stole their sneakers.

The two men who were arrested in connection with the kidnapping were identified as 28-year-old Javen Whitehead and 34-year-old Andrew Madry.  Police have issued a warrant for a third man, 31-year-old Andre Jackson, in connection with the kidnapping that took place in the 5800 block of North Monroe St. The victim was kidnapped from the Hardee’s restaurant on North Monroe Street.

At the time the male victim, who apparently knew the suspects, was working at a Publix when he overheard the three men asking an employee where he was. The victim told investigators that the suspects were mad at him because they thought he stole several pairs of shoes from them.  The victim claimed that he did have the shoes but that he got them from a friend earlier that day.

The victim fled the Publix store with the suspects chasing him. He was grabbed by one of the suspects at the local Hardee’s where the victim tried to hide.  That is when they started hitting him in the face. He was then shoved in the back of their vehicle where the men threatened him and had a pistol with them. They told him several times that they would kill him and “hide him” if necessary.

The victim eventually bargained with them and told them that, if they took him to his home, he would get the sneakers and give them back to the men. The men drove him back to his home and let him out of the car so that he could go get the shoes and put them outside of his home where the men would retrieve them.  When he finished placing the shoes in from of his home he called the men who did come and get the shoes back.  They left without further incident.

Investigators located two of the men and took them into custody for battery and kidnapping.

Tallahassee Kidnapping Laws 

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