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Boca Raton Criminal Attorneys

Wrongful accusations and troublesome speculation can quickly turn your life upside-down. If you are accused of wrongdoing in any fashion, damage has already been done to your good name. Our Boca Raton criminal attorneys are here to put forth experience, aggressive legal tactics, and lend our seasoned expertise to ensure you are treated fairly in the Florida justice system.At Musca Law, we don’t treat a case merely as business: we invest in our clients, understanding their stories more than anyone else, and work to maintain your freedom and preserve your rights. You’ve been wrongly accused, and now your freedom is in jeopardy. It’s our privilege to defend you honestly, and utilize every legal power at our disposal to keep you out of jail, and within the good graces of the law.

Aggressively Defending Your Freedom and Rights

It’s one thing to say that we believe in you and your rights, and another entirely to provide proof. Our courtroom records showcase that time and time again, the legal action of Musca Law provide defense and results beyond the capabilities of other Boca Raton criminal defense attorneys. Your rights are on the line, and we fully intend to put our best foot forward, and extend our experience and guidance to you.There’s a reason that we are among the top 100 trial lawyers, and are within the top 2.5% of Florida Criminal Lawyers, with a 10.0 Avvo rating: we provide results and passionate counsel. Our proven records and results give you the best chance at retaining your freedom, rights, and reversing as much of the damage to your name as possible. Criminal accusations can cost far more than time; it can often bring a devastating impact to one’s personal life. Musca Law will fight back for you with the best possible defense that Boca Raton has to offer. It’s time to put legal power in your corner, and overcome these allegations.

Domestic Violence Attorneys Boca Raton Needs

Wrongful accusations regarding domestic violence can do far more than cause immediate legal problems and an arrest. Indirect results of false allegations can result in loss of job, alienation from loved ones who may provide financial and moral support during this difficult time, and more. These matters paint your moral character in a bad light, which is where the domestic violence attorneys Boca Raton residents trust come into play.Our Boca Raton criminal attorneys understand every aspect of both federal and Florida state law, and apply all matters of effort and expertise to resolving legal matters for you. We have been vigorously protecting our defendants’ rights as top 100 trial lawyers with thorough working knowledge of every legal stipulation imaginable. You have a proverbial mountain in your way, and among the top is a legal fortress of skilled prosecutors that aim to ensure your conviction. Musca Law is on your side.

Boca Raton Violent Crimes Lawyer and Full Legal Counsel

Violent crime accusations operate under the assumption that you are at fault for assault, battery, robbery, or other types of violent crimes. Our legal team has been around with over 150+ years of combined experience, and have seen almost every type of case pass through the Florida legal system: you aren’t alone, and there is a Boca Raton violent crimes lawyer who understands your position and the difficulties you face during this pressing time.Our experience in legal defense for violent crimes has brought favorable results to our clients time and time again. At Musca Law, we understand your rights, your freedom and the full extent at which the federal and Florida justice system can work to protect you. You’ve been wrongly accused, and these unjust allegations against you musn’t tarnish your good name any more than they already have. Our rapid legal actions ensure that the full power of the law, and capability of our Boca Raton criminal attorneys are on your side.

DUI Lawyers Boca Raton Residents Trust

DUI accusations not only impede upon your life with financial ramifications, but can also prohibit your mobility to and from work, and interrupt your income altogether. Our courtroom victories have resulted in cases of no conviction and license reinstatements, thanks to the combined efforts and expertise of the DUI lawyers Boca Raton trusts.Being arrested for a DUI can be extremely intimidating, confusing and an overall taxing time on your wellbeing. Our legal team is prepared to defend your position, and work tirelessly to ensure full license retention, and avoid an interruption in your stream of income. Whether you or a loved one have been accused of, or arrested for a DUI, full legal counsel is but a simple phone call away. Side with a DUI lawyer Boca Raton residents trust to handle every aspect of the legal process, and restore your peace of mind.

Boca Raton Criminal Defense Attorney

The damaging effects of your moral character being questioned cannot be overstated. Musca Law helps you move forward, settling cases and accusations as quickly as possible. We put full legal power in your corner with our Boca Raton criminal lawyer experience and knowledge.When you’re accused of domestic violence Boca Raton becomes difficult to live in. Our city isn’t a bustling metropolitan area: your rights are challenged, and your freedom is under scrutiny. Musca Law works to resolve legal proceedings as quickly as possible, while remaining as effective and thorough as our clients understand we are. Rapid legal actions give you the opportunity to quickly resolve legal issues, and put accusations to rest.

Proven Results, Rapid Action and 150+ Combined Years of Legal Experience

Accusations and issues are never conveniently timed. We understand that life happens whenever it chooses, which is why our Boca Raton criminal lawyers are available to answer your calls and begin representation 24/7. Whether you are accused of a DUI, domestic violence or other felonies at an unfavorable time, Musca Law is there to stand by you. Contact us today to begin your aggressive legal representation against all federal and state criminal investigations, and restore your good name.


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