College Student Seen Fondling and Kissing Underage Girlfriend

No Lifetime Sexual Predator Registration, and Eligibility for Total Record Expungement!
Facts: Our client, a 22 year old man, had been dating a 14 year old girl for 2 years. On one occasion, the girl’s mother caught our client fondling the girl with his hand up her shirt. On another occasion, he was caught pulling down the girl’s shirt, fondling and kissing her breasts to the extent of leaving a “hickie”. When confronted by law enforcement, our client confessed to having caressed and kissed the girl’s breasts on at least one occasion. Our Strategy: The Prosecutor eventually only filed formal charges on one count of Lewd and Lascivious Molestation of a Minor. He initially offered our client a plea bargain of 21 months prison time, followed by 2 years of rigorous sex offender probation. Furthermore, the client would face the harsh consequences of having to register as a sexual predator for the rest of his life. Our attorney, a former prosecutor himself, who has handled hundreds of sex-related offenses, rejected this offer. Using the relationships that he had developed as a former prosecutor, dogged persistence and his skills as a persuasive negotiator, the attorney was able to convince the Prosecutor to completely dismiss the case. Specifically, he pointed out flaws and inconsistencies in the victim’s testimony as a means of convincing the prosecutor that the case was flimsy. Thus, our client managed to escape serious punishment and the ordeal of a lengthy and costly trial. Additionally, because charges were dismissed, he became eligible to have his arrest and court record completely expunged. RESULT: PROSECUTOR DECLINED FILING ONE COUNT AND COMPLETELY DISMISSED THE OTHER COUNT, RESULTING IN NO LIFETIME SEXUAL PREDATOR REGISTRATION, AND ELIGIBILITY FOR TOTAL RECORD EXPUNGEMENT!