Driver Arrested for 4-Month Old Expired License & Cited for a Seatbelt Violation

NO CONVICTION for Expired License & Seatbelt Violation DISMISSED!

The Charges

Police arrested a Driver for Driving on an Expired License by over 4 months and cited him for a seatbelt violation. The Defendant faced a maximum sentence of 60 days in jail for the charges against him. The Defendant awaited trial in jail.

Driving on an Expired License

Driving on an expired license in Florida is a criminal traffic violation. Under Florida Statutes 322.03, it is illegal for any person to drive a vehicle on any Florida highway without possessing a valid driver’s license.  

If you are convicted of driving on an expired driver’s license, you could be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor. This means that you could face up to 60 days in jail and a fine of up to $500. However, most times if you do not have a previous criminal record, it is unlikely that you will receive jail time. 

Another consequence of driving on an expired driver’s license that could be overlooked, is the impact that this charge could have on your auto insurance coverage. If you are caught driving without a valid license, the insurance company has every right to (and most likely will) raise your premiums. They can raise them for years to come. And if you have an accident while driving on your expired license, the insurance company could deny your coverage, which will force you to pay for the claim out of pocket. 

There are many defenses that can be used on charges of no valid driver’s license. These include that the defendant possessed an out-of-state or foreign driver’s license, that the defendant was unlawfully stopped, that the defendant was was not driving on a street that was open to the public, or that the defendant does in fact possess a valid Florida driver’s license but they were not carrying it with you at the time of the traffic stop. 

Motion to Consolidate

A motion to consolidate charges combines like charges, such as a seatbelt ticket with a running a red light ticket. Motions to consolidate are used to save time for the court system/judges, lawyers, and anyone else involved in the case, and also to save money for the defendant. 

When this motion is filed, all parties must be listed on the form, as well as their attorneys. Captions of the cases should be listed as well, with the lowest number starting first.  

Lawyer Services 

If you have been stopped for any type of traffic violation, it is in your best interest to obtain legal services that you can trust. Musca Law Firm serves all of Florida with multiple offices located in various cities throughout the state. Our firm is committed to providing all of our clients with the best possible service to get you a favorable outcome.  We will work hard to build a strategic defense and we are not afraid to negotiate with the prosecution. We make ourselves available to help in any time of need by answering our phones 24/7. Call us today at (888) 484-5057 for a free case consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.  

RESULT: The Musca Defense Attorney filed a Motion to Consolidate both the traffic and criminal charges. The Attorney fiercely negotiated the case with the Prosecution over the fate of the Client. The Court ruled in the Defense’s favor with a ruling of no formal finding of guilt and DISMISSED the seatbelt violation.