Driver under the Influence of Prescription Pills Crashed into Parked Car

License Suspension Set Aside!

The Charges

A man was placing a pizza into the trunk of his car when another car swerved in his direction. The man managed to jump out of the way before the swerving Driver slammed into his parked car. The Police responded to the crash. The Officer noticed the Driver had slurred speech, bloodshot/watery eyes, and a difficult time keeping his eyes open. The Driver denied drinking but confessed to taking a number of prescription pills just hours before the accident.

The Driver failed Field Sobriety Testing and agreed to a Breathalyzer Test. The Driver blew .00% and refused to submit a urine sample. Police arrested the Driver and charged him with DUI and DUI Property Damage. The Department of Motor Vehicles suspended the Defendant’s license after his refusal to submit to a urine test.

DUI Property Damage

In Florida, a DUI with Property Damage is committed when a person drives a vehicle or is in control of the vehicle and is under the influence of any alcoholic beverage, a controlled substance, or chemical substance. The person will have a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher or a breath alcohol level of .08% or higher. The person will have caused damage to the property of another individual, either directly or indirectly. 

Fines that are associated with DUI property damage include:

  • Up to twelve months in jail.
  • Up to twelve months of reporting probation.
  • At least six months of driver license revocation, but no more than twelve months.
  • Completion of a 12-hour DUI Substance Abuse Course.
  • Completion of a psychosocial evaluation to determine if Substance Abuse Treatment is required.
  • Completion of any recommended substance abuse treatment
  • Minimum fine of $500, with a maximum of no more than $1,000.
  • Ten-day impoundment or immobilization of the vehicle used in the DUI.
  • Fifty hours of community service.

Any classes, courses,  or counseling that are recommended or required will be the responsibility of the defendant’s to pay.  

Musca Law Firm Attorneys

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RESULT: The Defendant retained Musca Law to defend the DUI charges against him. The Attorney requested a Formal Administrative Review of the Client’s suspended license with the Department of Motor Vehicles. The Defense subpoenaed witnesses and arresting officer to testify at the hearing. The Hearing Officer ruled in the Defense’s favor and SET ASIDE the suspension of the Client’s license.