Driver Uses Empty Sun Pass Account to Drive for Free; Charged with Evasion/Failure to Pay Toll

No Conviction on All Charges!

The Charges

A driver utilized the Sun Pass system to pay for her highway tolls. The driver continued to drive through the tolls even though her prepaid pass had run out. The Defendant received traffic tickets in the mail and failed to pay them within the required 30 day window. The Department of Motor Vehicles suspended the Defendant’s license for failure to pay her tickets from the empty Sun Pass account. The Defendant was facing Traffic Infraction Court and a charge of Evasion/Failure to Pay Toll.

Sun Pass System in Florida

A Sun Pass in Florida will allow an individual to prepay for tolls. With this pass, customers will be guaranteed to pay the lowest price on tolls. It works on most bridges and all Florida tolls, including the express lane. You may also use it to pay for parking at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami and most major airports in Florida. If a toll is run, or there are not sufficient funds on the card, an invoice will be mailed out to pay the amount due. If you have failed to pay a toll, you can do so online before a citation has been issued. In order to pay the citation, you will need your plate number and zip code if you do not have the citation notice. If you have already received the citation notice, you will need the document number, along with your plate number.

Anyone that is issued a traffic citation will need to pay the fine within 30 days from the date the ticket was issued. If the citation is not paid, it will be sent to the clerk of court in the county where the ticket was originally issued. 

Evasion/Failure to Pay Toll

Citizens are required to pay tolls, even if they are not a citizen of the state of Florida. Tolls can be paid for using cash, a Sun Pass, or other pre-paid accounts. 

Florida does realize that sometimes it is not possible to have the exact change. Or it may be impossible to get over in the correct lane without causing an accident. The state also realizes that sometimes people are not paying attention to tolls, or just forget to pay them.  If any of these is the case, and you drive through the toll, you are required to pay it within 10 days. 

Obtaining Attorney Services

At Musca Law, we can assist you in any criminal case. We have handled hundreds of cases, and our lawyers have well over 130+ years of combined experience. We will work with the court and prosecution, negotiating our best to lower or eliminate any charges against you. 

RESULT: The Defense Attorney appeared at the traffic hearing on the Client’s behalf. The Defense successfully argued the details surrounding the Defendant’s outstanding tickets. The Court ruled in favor of the Defense resulting in NO FORMAL FINDING OF GUILT!