Drug Raid Leaves Former Airborne Ranger Charged with Felony Possession of Cocaine


Based upon a drug trafficking tip from an informant, the Narcotics Unit obtained a search warrant of a home. At the time of execution, our Client was at the location with several other people. Items the police found during the search included: opium pills, Xanax pills, a large amount of cash, a home-made Captain Morgan crack pipe, and other drug paraphernalia. A pat down search of our Client revealed a pack of Kool cigarettes containing 3.0 grams of crack cocaine. Police charged our Client with Felony Possession of Cocaine. Simple possession of cocaine, or crack cocaine, is a 3rd degree felony, punishable by up to 5 years prison. Unlike the Federal sentencing guidelines, the State of Florida treats powder cocaine and crack cocaine the same.

RESULT: Cocaine Possession Defense Lawyer obtained a Nolle Prosse, and the State withdrew the felony charge. Our Client is eligible to have his felony charge expunged.

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