Driver Admits To Drinking and Taking Pills Following DUI Arrest

Police observed our client driving in the middle lane and drifting badly back and forth. He reported that our client drifted to the right three times, touched the lane divider, and then moved back into the lane. She then drifted completely over the left lane divider and crossed into the inside lane. Another vehicle in the inside lane had to slow down to avoid a traffic accident with her vehicle. After initiating emergency lights, the officer witnessed our client abruptly and rapidly cross four lanes of traffic in an effort to elude the police. Finally, the officer was able to stop our client’s vehicle. When he asked her to produce her documents, she produced a Florida Driver’s License and Pennsylvania registration and admitted to consuming alcohol and taking some pills that evening. Then, upon exiting her vehicle to perform field sobriety exercises, she staggered and performed the exercises poorly. Based upon his suspicion that she was impaired, the officer arrested her for DUI, and gave her a ticket for failing to maintain a single lane. Although she passed a breath test, urine samples were obtained based on the officer’s suspicion that chemical substances may have been involved, especially in light of her admission that she had been taking pills. RESULT: Our attorney moved quickly to have the case thrown out completely. First, he filed a motion to consolidate the traffic ticket with the DUI Charge. This procedure allows traffic violations to be dismissed, regardless of the outcome of the DUI case. At the client’s first court appearance, the attorney convinced the Prosecutor that the case was not worth pursuing. The prosecutor agreed, resulting in A TOTAL DISMISSAL OF THE DUI CHARGE, AND A DISMISSAL OF THE TRAFFIC TICKET AS WELL!