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Man Forces Girl Into Prostitution

CLIENT FACED: LIFE IN PRISON Man Forces Girl Into Prostitution, Beats And Burns Victim With Meat Tenderizer; Charged With 6 Felonies, Including Sex Trafficking and Armed Kidnapping. Facts: Our client invited a woman to Florida from out of state and arranged for her to work as a prostitute. Eventually, the woman tried running away with some of the money she had already earned. Our client forced her to stay by beating her and burning her skin with a heated meat tenderizer. He also broke her cell phone so she couldn’t call for help. A witness told the police of these events, and they arrested and charged the client with Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Assault, Witness Tampering, Sex Trafficking and 2 counts of Armed Kidnapping with a Firearm. Our Strategy: The Prosecutor charged the client with all 6 felonies and initially offered our client a plea bargain of 25 years prison time. Our attorney rejected this offer. On the eve of trial, the attorney made 10 separate motions to exclude evidence against our client based on the prosecutor withholding evidence and not complying with discovery rules. The Judge granted 7 of these motions. The attorney then moved to have the Aggravated Battery, the first count of Armed Kidnapping, and Aggravated Assault charges dismissed based on prosecutorial and witness misconduct. Again, the Judge granted these motions. Next, the attorney moved for a judgment of acquittal on the Sex Trafficking charge based on a key witness being excluded. The Judge granted that motion as well. That left only one Armed Kidnapping charge. In an effort to eliminate this final charge, the attorney offered to plea the client to one misdemeanor count of Assault, with credit for time served. The Prosecutor caved and accepted the offer that same day. Our client ended up walking a free man with a minor misdemeanor charge. RESULT: NO PRISON, NO FELONY CONVICTION OR RECORD, AND NO PROBATION! Internal Ref # 4941-CB10FF11OR08-N-N