Man on Dui Probation Steals Camper for His Vacation; Charged with Grand Theft and Violation of Dui Probation

Charges Dropped!
A Defendant is serving a 12 month probation sentence for a DUI conviction. During this 12 month probationary period, the Defendant unlawfully “borrows” a camper from an acquaintance. The acquaintance files a stolen vehicle report with Police. The Police find the Defendant and the camper vacationing in the state of North Carolina. The Defendant is arrested and charged with Grand Theft and Violation of DUI Probation and extradited to Florida. RESULT: The Defense Attorney successfully proved to the Prosecution that the Client had no intention of permanently depriving the victim of his camper and therefore did not commit Grand Theft and violate the terms of his DUI Probation. The Court agreed with the Defense and the State agreed to DROP THE CHARGES!