Man Stopped With Marijuana In Plain View and Drug Paraphernalia Center Console

No Conviction on Either Charge and No License Suspension!
Hamilton County, FL. Our client was pulled over for a traffic stop due to unlawful speeding. When the officer approached the vehicle and made contact with our client, he noticed a strong odor of raw marijuana emitting from the vehicle and observed marijuana residue on the passenger’s blue jeans. The officer issued a warning citation for unlawful speeding then continued on with an investigation regarding the marijuana odor and residue. Our client was then asked if anything illegal was inside the vehicle or if any weapons were present in the vehicle. Our client advised the officer that there was nothing illegal inside the vehicle and that no weapons were present in the vehicle. Our client did advise the officer that his friends were smoking marijuana. The officer asked our client and the passengers to exit the vehicle while a search was conducted. During the search, a small amount of marijuana was found in a ziplock bag, 2 glass marijuana pipes with residue, a pack of rolling papers, and a loaded compact Taurus 9mm, (with a live round chambered), was located inside the center console. Marijuana was also collected from the driver’s side floorboard, a small amount of marijuana packaged in plastic bags behind the front passenger seat. While searching the backseat area, the officer observed a black rifle bag that contained a Colt Ar-15 (.223 caliber) with 2 fully loaded 20 round magazines and Sig Sauer .40 caliber handgun. A plastic baggie containing 6 suspected oxycodone tablets and a metal tin containing 11 suspected oxycodone tables had also been discovered. No prescription could be located for the suspected oxycodone tablets. Our client was then placed under arrest and transported to the county jail. Result: Based on our client not having a prior record, we were able to negotiate a NO CONVICTION!