Misplaced Traffic Citation Results in Driving While License Suspended or Revoked Charge & Bench Warrant

No Conviction & Bench Warrant Set Aside!

The Charges

Our Client inadvertently misplaced a traffic citation believing it was only a warning for speeding. Failure to pay the citation resulted in a D-6 Suspension of his license. The Defendant was then charged with Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (DWLSR), when he was stopped for a traffic violation. A bench warrant was issued for the Defendant’s arrest.

D-6 Suspension on a Driver’s License

A D-6 suspension on a driver’s license is ordered by the courts. This type of suspension occurs when a person fails to attend court when scheduled. The suspension typically occurs instead of issuing a bench warrant for the person. 

With this suspension, a person cannot legally drive in Florida. If they are pulled over for a traffic stop, police officers will be alerted to their D-6 suspension. This could result in the offender detained. 

A person’s driver's license will be suspended until they go to court to resolve the matter. Once this happens, the courts will generally put in order to have the person’s driver's license reinstated. 

Bench Warrants in Florida

In Florida, a bench warrant is issued by a judge to allow any law enforcement to arrest a person immediately. The reason a bench warrant would be issued is so that the person can be brought into court. They are typically given for those that fail to show up in court when scheduled. 

Police officers have the right to arrest or detain a person with a bench warrant. They may do a traffic stop or they could go to your home. Police could also see you walking down the street and decide to arrest you in order to put you into custody for the judge. 

There are many reasons as to why a person did not show up for a court hearing. Perhaps there was a family emergency or the person did not have a means of transportation to get there. Maybe the person never received notice to appear. Whatever the reason, it pays to be truthful to let the judge know exactly why you did not attend court.

If you would like to have the warrant removed, you will need to obtain legal services to have your attorney do it for you. 

Musca Law Firm

If you have been charged with driving while your license is suspended or revoked, you should obtain legal services to help your case. We at Musca Law have successfully handled many cases. Our firm has extended night and weekend hours and we have a 24 hour answering service. 

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RESULT: The Attorney motioned the Court to set aside the bench warrant. The bench warrant was set aside and the Client was awarded NO CONVICTION on the charge of Driving While License Suspended or Revoked.