Retiree Runs His Car off the Road and Hits a Fence, Tries to Evade Police by Switching Vehicles

Driver’s License Reinstated!

The Charges

After having several drinks, our client attempted to return home, but ran off the road and hit a fence in his neighborhood. Witnesses reported the crash to the police, who came to the client’s home. However, by the time they arrived, the client had already switched vehicles and tried to evade police by driving through a neighbor’s yard. Unable to get away, the police arrested him for DUI.

Breathalyzer Testing

A breathalyzer is a test in which the one who is suspected of impaired driving blows into a mouthpiece. The machine will provide a reading for what the blood alcohol content level is of a person driving. In Florida, anyone who blows .08% or higher is considered to be too impaired to drive by state limits. You will be asked to provide a few breath tests so the officer can get an accurate reading. 

There are several things that can affect the results of a breathalyzer test. If a person smokes, cigarettes can interfere with the testing, making the results not read properly. If a person has used mouthwash, breath mints, or taken cough syrup, the results will not be read properly either. 

If a breathalyzer needs software that needs to be updated, the results of the test could also be affected. Bad batteries and machines that need to be calibrated will provide police officers with inaccurate readings.  

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RESULT: The client’s license was initially suspended because he blew over the legal limit. However, our Musca Law defense attorney acted within a narrow 10-day window to challenge the suspension and demand a hearing. Because the client’s breathing alcohol was just above the legal limit, the attorney decided not to require the arresting officers to testify at the hearing. Instead, she conducted extensive legal research and crafted an argument that when a blow is close to the legal limit, the breathalyzer is not reliable enough to prove that a person was above the legal limit. The hearing officer was forced to agree with this creative argument, resulting in A FULL REINSTATEMENT OF OUR CLIENT’S DRIVING PRIVILEGE, NO CLASSES, COUNSELING, OR IGNITION INTERLOCK DEVICE INSTALLED!