Student Arrested For DUI With Property Damage After Crashing Into a Police Car; Blows 0.189

A police officer was stopped at the light in his patrol vehicle waiting to make a left turn. At that time, our client was observed driving down the road in a careless manner. Suddenly, our client failed to manage the vehicle speed and lost complete control of the car, crashing directly into the police cruiser. After a poor performance on the field sobriety exam, our client was brought to the jail for processing where his blood alcohol level tested 0.189, well over twice the legal limit. RESULT: After the State’s witnesses failed to appear at multiple hearings, we were unable to obtain the evidence necessary to defend our client. Seizing the opportunity, our attorney prepared and set the case for trial. On the day of trial, after diligent negotiations, we were able to convince the Prosecutor that it be unjust to move forward with the trial without the necessary witnesses and evidence. The Prosecutor agreed, and we managed to have our client placed into a diversion program (which is seldom allowed on cases involving facts such as these). Our client’s participation in this program will eventually lead to a dismissal of the DUI charge! Internal Reference #: 5881-SA-22-CT-13-MD-01-N-N