Vacationer Caught Smoking Marijuana In Front Of Law Enforcement

No Drug Conviction!
Glades County, FL. Our client was seen by a Wildlife Officer backing up with no lights on into an area that is marked “Private Hunting Lease”. The officer turned his vehicle into the area where he had noticed a small light coming from the pasture, and the sound of an engine running. The officer approached the vehicle from the driver’s side where he observed our client smoking what appeared to be a cigarette. When the officer flashed his light inside the vehicle there was a Newport box located on the floorboard and a Camel box next to it. After searching the boxes, the officer found 14 marijuana roaches and a glass pipe with marijuana residue inside. Our client was then arrested for Possession of Marijuana. RESULT: After diligent negotiation with the ASA (Assistant State Attorney) we were able to obtain a NO DRUG CONVICTION!