Waitress Arrested For DUI With Property Damage

Our intoxicated client stopped at a gas station and when parking to get gas, hit the concrete barrier protecting the gas pumps. After attempting to pay, she stumbled out of the station past arriving police. She wasn’t even able to put the nozzle into her gas tank when trying to pump. Police confronted her and she admitted to drinking and driving. Eventually, the police arrested her and had to drag her away kicking and screaming. While at the police station, the policeman finally maces her just to stop her from any additional violence. RESULT: Because of the damage she caused, the Prosecutor charged the client with DUI and DUI with Property Damage. After numerous attempts to negotiate reduced charges, the Prosecutor still refused to budge. However, despite the overwhelming evidence, our attorney decided to press forward with trial because he believed he could win. The afternoon before trial, the attorney finally convinced the Prosecutor that his case was weak. He was able to successfully have the DUI charge dismissed and the DUI with Property Damage charge reduced to Reckless Driving. This resulted in, NO DUI CONVICTION, NO DRIVER’S LICENSE SUSPENSION, AND NO JAIL TIME!