Naples Sex Offender Registry Lawyer Explains Florida's Sex Offender Registry Requirements

The state of Florida was the first state in the United States to list sexual predators and sex offenders online and make that information publicly accessible through a 24/7 hotline. As part of Florida's attempts to prevent sex crimes, the state has enacted severe punishments including, but not limited to, prison time, hefty legal fines, and a requirement to be registered as a sex offender online. In addition to the Florida sex offender registry, there is a national online registry for sexual predators as well.

How does Florida Define a "Sexual Offender?"

When a person has been convicted of a qualifying sex offense in Florida or in any other state or jurisdiction, that individual must register as a sex offender. The qualifying sex criminal offenses include:

  • Sexual battery,
  • Sexual misconduct,
  • Kidnapping where the victim is a child, and the offender is not the guardian or parent of the victim,
  • False imprisonment of a child and the offender is not the guardian or parent of the victim,
  • Luring or enticing a child and the offender is not the guardian or parent of the victim,
  • Certain lewd or lascivious offenses,
  • Child pornography,
  • Human trafficking,
  • Video voyeurism of a minor,
  • Transmitting Child Program fille by electronic device or equipment, or
  • Unlawful sex acts with certain minors.

In addition to a criminal conviction for one of the above Offenses or another qualifying criminal offense, an individual will be required to register if he or she has been released from or is currently serving probation, imprisonment, or parole for one of the qualifying Sex Crimes Offenses on or after October 1, 1997, or,

An individual convicted of a similar offense in another state or jurisdiction was required to register and now Is visiting or living in the state of Florida; or

An individual was adjudicated delinquent after or on July 1, 2007, for certain criminal offenses, and the individual was 14 years or older at the time of the criminal offense.

What does the state of Florida deem a sexual predator?

A sexual predator is an individual who has been convicted of a sexually violent offense such as sexual battery, kidnapping of a minor, lewd or lascivious offenses committed against children under the age of 16, false imprisonment of minor victims, or the individual has a court order that has designated them as a sexual predator.

In addition, Florida Sexually Violent Predator Act and other court orders can designate that a person is a sexual predator.

What are the sex offender registry requirements in Florida?

Sex offender registrants are mandated by Florida law to report their basic information to their local county sheriffs office, including information such as name, date of birth, Social Security number, fingerprints, address, photographs, phone numbers, and conviction information, and any other pertinent information requested by the sheriff's office. A sex offender is also required to fill out a registration form twice a year or four times a year, depending on the criminal offense. This registration form is to be filled out and given to the county sheriff's office in which the sexual predator lives. In addition, sexual predators and some sex offenders will be required to maintain their sex offender registration throughout their lives. Much of this information will be provided to the public via the Florida sex offender registry website. These are just a few of the sex offender registry requirements in the state of Florida. A sex offender who is required to register with the state of Florida or the national sex predator website must understand all of their requirements as this is just a partial list of those requirements.

What should you do when law enforcement is at your door?

When people hear the loud knock of a law enforcement officer, Some people decide not to answer the door, hoping that the police will go away or they choose to hide from police, hoping that law enforcement will not search for them inside their home. However, these are false beliefs that could land you in deep legal trouble. And some cases, a neighbor or a passerby hears a noise from your home. When law enforcement arrives, and there's no answer at the door, it might be legally defendable for the law enforcement officer to enter the home without a search warrant to ensure that people are safe. By hiding or refusing to answer the door for police officers, an individual could be charged with obstructing justice or interfering with police or maybe used add a criminal trial to suggest that you were guilty of committing an offense.

Should I speak with the Naples police?

Whenever individuals interact with law enforcement, whether at their residence, workplace or at the please department, people often wonder if it's a good idea to explain their side of the story. In many criminal cases, a suspect has often "sealed their fate "by unintentionally making damaging statements or admitted to committing a crime to police. It is advisable that you have an attorney present when you talk to Naples police. Also, if you must speak with the police, remember to remain calm and think before speaking. For example, admitting to screaming while engaged in a disagreement with a member of your household could be deemed domestic violence. One rule of thumb to follow is when in doubt, make sure you have a Naples criminal defense attorney present when talking to law enforcement.

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