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Obstruction of Justice Charges in New Port Richey

The crime of obstructing justice has been committed in many ways. Obstruction of justice can make it difficult for law enforcement, government agencies, courts, prosecutors, and others to do their job. When an individual obstructs justice, they are purposely impeding, obstructing, or influencing the due admission of justice. 

Florida code 843.02: Obstructing Justice

Restricting, obstructing, or opposing any officer as defined in s. 943.10(1-9) as a member of the Parole Commission or any administrative aide or supervisor employed by the commission; county probation officer; parole and probation supervisor; personnel or representative of the Department of Law Enforcement; or other person legally authorized to execute process in the execution of legal process or in the lawful execution of any legal duty, without offering or doing violence to the person of the officer.

Examples of obstruction of justice include:

  • Escaping or attempting to evade any  law enforcement
  • Offenses against police animals
  • Resisting an officer
  • Obstruction by disguised person
  • Neglect or refusal to aid a police officer
  • Unlawful use of police communications
  • Depriving the victim of a crime of medical care
  • Falsely impersonating a police officer
  • Criminal actions under color of law or through the use of the simulated legal process.
  • Escaping through the voluntary action of an officer.
  • Escaping by the negligence of the officer.
  • Conveying tools into jail to aid escape; forcible rescue.
  • Aiding escape
  • Tampering with a witness
  • Tampering with evidence
  • Perjury
  • Battery of a police officer
  • Escape through negligence or voluntary action of an officer
  • Possession of a concealed handcuff key
  • Delivering tools to jail to aid in an escape
  • Failure to appear after release on bail

Other examples of obstructing justice can be found in the Florida Statutes, Title XLVI, Chapter 843.

Penalties for Obstruction of Justice in New Port Richey

If you have been charged with obstruction of justice in New Port Richey or any other city in Florida, there could be a wide array of penalties that are associated with this charge. Within the state of Florida, obstruction of justice can be charged as both a misdemeanor and a felony. Any penalties that are given will always correlate with the nature of the crime. However, if a felony has been charged, a person can receive very strict penalties, including the potential sentence of life in prison. 

Escaping or Attempting to Evade Law Enforcement in New Port Richey

It is against the law for a driver to willingly refuse to stop for a law enforcement officer when having the knowledge that he or she has been ordered to do so. There are three key elements in attempting to evade law enforcement:

Penalties for Escaping or Attempting to Evade Law Enforcement

In New Port Richey and the rest of Florida, if you attempt to evade a police officer, you will find that the penalties can be very steep. Penalties that you may incur

  • The offender was operating a vehicle on the streets of New Port Richey. 
  • An authorized law enforcement officer commanded the defendant to stop or remain stopped. 
  • The defendant, who knew that he or she had been commanded to stop by an authorized law enforcement officer, refused to stop in compliance to what the law officer stated or did indeed stop the vehicle but then willingly fled in an attempt to evade the police officer. 
    • General fleeing: A felony in the third degree, the offender will face up to five years in prison or five years of probation. A $5,000 fine will be put into place, as well as a driver’s license suspension that lasts from one to five years. 
    • Fleeing with sirens and lights activated: This is a third-degree felony that has the same penalties as a general fleeing. 
    • Fleeing with lights and sirens activated with a high-speed chase or reckless driving: This second-degree felony will be enforced with up to fifteen years in prison or up to fifteen years of probation. A fine of $10,000 will be served and the offender’s driver’s license will be suspended for one to five years. 
    • Fleeing with lights and sirens activated with a high-speed chase or reckless driving causing serious bodily injury or death: This first-degree felony will be charged with up to thirty years in prison or probation and a fine of $10,000. The offender’s driver’s license will also be suspended for one to five years. The defendant will be required to spend at least three years in prison. 

​​​​​​​Offenses Against Police Animals

A police animal refers to any dog or horse that is owned or employed by law enforcement or other government agencies. This includes fire dogs, police dogs, SAR dogs, or police horse.  Any individual that intentionally or knowingly causes great bodily harm, permanent disability, or death in these animals will be charged with a third-degree felony.  

Any individual that intentionally strikes, touches, or commits bodily harm to these animals will be charged with a misdemeanor of the first degree. 

A second-degree misdemeanor will be charged to anyone who teases, harasses, interferes with or attempts to interfere with police animals. 

For more information about offenses against police animals, see Florida Statutes, Title XLVI, Chapter 843.

Resisting Arrest in New Port Richey

Resisting arrest in New Port Richey is a first-degree misdemeanor as long as it is done without violence. In order for an offender to be charged with resisting arrest, they must meet the following criteria:

Examples of Resisting Arrest:

The defendant resisted, obstructed, or opposed the law enforcement officer that was trying to arrest him or her. 

At the time of the arrest, the law enforcement officer was interacting in a lawful manner. 

The law enforcement officer was authorized to arrest.

The defendant knew at the time of arrest that the law enforcement officer was authorized to do so. 

If you do fail to appear, you could potentially forfeit any body posted, which means losing money or collateral on your part. You may also have to spend time in jail if you are arrested, which could be done without any bond. 

Resources for Obstruction of Justice In New Port Richey, Florida

If you are interested in learning more about obstruction of justice in New Port Richey and the rest of Florida, consider looking into these resources:

What to Look For in a New Port Richey Obstruction of Justice Attorney

When looking for a New Port Richey obstruction of justice attorney, you need to pick the cream of the crop. After all, this is your future you are messing with. Look for an attorney that meets the following criteria:

  • Going limp - expecting the police officer to drag or carry in order to fulfill the arrest
  • Tensing the arms while trying to be handcuffed
  • Providing false or inaccurate information
  • Obstructing a third party from being arrested
  • Not obeying verbal commands
  • Refusing to sit down
  • Concealing evidence
  • Refusing to leave an area when asked to by law enforcement
  • Interfering with a police investigation
  • Refusing to be handcuffed
  • Attacking an officer while they attempt to arrest you
  • On a necklace around the neck
  • Hidden in a shoe or sock
  • In the pocket of a jacket, shirt, jeans, or other clothing the individual is wearing
  • In a body cavity of the person 
  • On the body where it is secured by tape, glue, string, line, or other material
  • On a belt of the individual
  • In a seam of clothing
  • Report to jail to surrender to the warrant
  • Hire an attorney file a motion to withdraw the failure to appear warrant

Hire an attorney to file a motion to surrender

No matter who you chose for a criminal lawyer, always make sure to take your time in doing so. Not all lawyers are created equally. Doing your research ahead of time will ensure that you get the most from the law firm that you hire. 

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  • Florida Statutes- Chapter 843
  • The Florida Senate
  • The lawyer should have a passion for the law. You do not want to hire an attorney that is merely going to the office each day for the paycheck. If you hire one of these attorneys, they will be more worried about how they are going to spend the money they are making off you versus caring about the outcome of your case. 
  • Look for a lawyer that has an outstanding track record. If your attorney has represented 100 people but has only won 5 of those cases, you need to look elsewhere. Find a lawyer that has won the majority of their cases.
  • Ask around. People are not afraid to give opinions about the services that they have used. Ask people for references. Or look at testimonials. These are all great options at finding the best criminal attorneys you can in your area. 
  • Look at the entire law firm. Many law firms will work as a team. While one lawyer may actually represent you, the entire staff may be working on your case.  
  • Find an attorney that will take the time to respond back to you. It is important that your lawyer does a good job of communicating with you on all aspects of your case. It is a frightening thing to be charged with various criminal acts, and being left in the dark makes it even less appealing. An attorney that takes the time to answer your phone calls or emails is essential in cases like this. It is also imperative that they explain things on a scale where you can understand it. We all do not speak lawyer, and it is important for our attorneys to understand that. 

Those that resist arrest in New Port Richey will be punished by up to one year in jail or 12 months of probation. A fine of $1,000 will also be given.  

New Port Richey’s Unlawful Use of Police Communications

A person is not permitted to intercept any police radio communications. This is a third-degree felony that is punishable by up to five years in prison, five years of probation, and a fine of $5,000.  

For more information about unlawful use of police communications, please see the Florida Statutes, Title XLVI, Chapter 843.167.

Possession of a Concealed Handcuff Key In New Port Richey

A handcuff key is defined as any key, device, tool, implement, or anything else that was designed to aid in unlocking or removing handcuffs. If the handcuff key is concealed, it will be carried in a manner in which police officers do not have a view of it. Such places it could be concealed may include:

Those that have a concealed handcuff key on them are committing a third-degree felony.  

Failure to Appear After Release on Bail

If you have failed to appear after you were released on bail, a warrant can be issued for your arrest. If you do fail to appear, you can be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor on top of the other charges you already have. If a person does fail to appear, they have three choices following this:

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