MIAMI, FL - November 2, 2020 - According to an online news report published on, a Virginia man has been arrested and charged with murder after he was involved in a traffic accident on Miami Highway. The news report states that the victim, a hip-hop artist from Virginia who disappeared a few weeks ago. The suspect has been charged in Miami-Dade County for the death of the hip-hop artist, among other criminal charges.

Florida State Troopers stopped to provide aid to a Virginia man who had been involved in an accident. The accident happened on Sunday afternoon along the Palmetto Expressway close to the Miami Lakes exit. As law enforcement officers worked the scene, they smelled a strong, foul smell that emanated from the trunk of the suspect's car. Once law enforcement officers opened the trunk, the officers found the body of a Virginia hip-hop artist who suddenly disappeared.

On Monday afternoon, the Miami-Dade law enforcement detectives placed the suspect under arrest. The officers believe the suspect shot and killed the 25-year-old hip-hop artist, who suddenly went missing in Triangle, Virginia, on October 17, 2020. The 25-year-old suspect was charged with illegal transport of human remains and second-degree murder.

The suspect was placed under arrest, and he was booked into the Miami-Dade County jail on Monday afternoon. According to the news articles, the victim, a former high-school athlete, was attempting to launch a hip-hop career. The victim's hip-hop stage name was "Kent Won't Stop."

The two young men were friends for about ten years, promoted their music, and participated in sports. The news article asserts that the suspect drove his Acura to get the victim a few weeks ago. The suspect pulled up to the victim's house in Triangle, Virginia. The victim was living with his father at the time. The victim's father stated that he heard a knock at his door and answered the door to find the suspect standing and not entering the home. The victim's father stated that this was very strange behavior as the suspect usually came into the house, and the suspect was acting very antsy and distant.

The two guys told the victim's father that they were taking pictures in Washington, D.C. The victim's father assumed it was for creating promotional images for their music careers. The victim and his father hugged, and the father stated that he loved his son, and the son replied, "I love you."

However, the victim never returned home again. The victim's family kept calling the suspect to no avail, and then the family filed a "missing person report" with law enforcement. According to the victim's father, the suspect provided him with a different story than the two's story before. The suspect stated that he was dropping the victim off in Washington, D.C. and that the victim had another friend who was going to pick him up. This story conflicted with the information the two men told the victim's father earlier.

During the next week, the suspect drove south, while friends of the victim posted appeals for social media users to help find the victim, and the friends created a Facebook page to help find the victim.

The Florida Highway Patrol responded to an accident to an accident on the Palmetto Expressway. The Florida Trooper became suspicious of the suspect after the officers witnessed the suspect with a Glock gun case, and they smelled rotten flesh, and flies were flying all around the suspect's car.

Inside the trunk, troopers found Trotter's body "wrapped in a piece of fabric and in an advanced stage of decomposition," according to a report by Miami-Dade Detective Omar Manresa.

An autopsy showed that the victim was shot to death. The suspect allegedly confessed the murder to the victim's sister. According to Florida law, because the victim's body was discovered here, the murder charge will be prosecuted in Florida.

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