MIAMI, FL (MIAMI-DADE COUNTY)- According to an online criminal news story on, a man was placed under arrested after he committed several felony offenses and attempted to flee law enforcement in Miami, Florida. The suspect was arrested and is charged with multiple felony charges when law enforcement officials claim the man led Miami police on a high-speed police chase throughout Miami-Dade County for about an hour in an automobile the suspect had carjacked a couple of days ago.

The 25-year-old suspect stopped the car and then surrendered himself to Miami police in a residential neighborhood at the intersection of 22nd Court and Northwest 43rd Street at around 11. The black Mazda 3 the suspect was driving appeared to stop running. Then law enforcement officers moved in and arrested the suspect.

According to the news report, the owner of the Mazda stated that he had been carjacked by the suspect who pointed a gun at him when stealing his car. He stated that the suspect carjacked him, stole his car, and then fled the scene at a high rate of speed. The victim stated that when he saw his car in Opa-Locka, he contacted the police when he spotted the vehicle in Opa-Locka. This call led to the police chase. The victim stated that once the suspect saw the police car, he sped off. 

According to the news article, the Mazda's rear bumper was hanging off the car, and other motor vehicle parts were falling off of the car as the suspect fled police and led police through parts of Miami, Opa-Locka, Miami Gardens, Hialeah, and all throughout part of Northwest Miami-Dade. The police chase happened along numerous highways and residential areas.

At some point, the suspect attained speeds of around 120 miles per hour, and the suspect also drove against the direction of traffic.

Miami-Dade Police detective Argemis Colome stated that the suspect was speeding without any regard for human life. The driver was allegedly weaving in and out of traffic and even struck cars attempting to flee law enforcement officers. In some circumstances, the suspect nearly collided head-on with other motorists.  

Right now, the police do not know the extent of the damage caused by the suspect. Fortunately, no innocent people were injured in the accident. Also, no law enforcement officers were harmed in the police chase. 

The police officers attempted to chase the suspect, but by keeping a safe distance, while they attempted to stop the suspect and keep the public safe at the same time. Florida Highway Patrol troopers were finally able to put pressure on the suspect as they pursued him closely.  

The suspect eventually pulled over, step out of the car, and put his hands up in the air, and surrendered to the police. Multiple police officers surrounded the suspect with their pistols drawn, handcuffed the suspect, and placed him in the back of a law enforcement officer's car. 7News cameras were videoing the officers searching the vehicle for evidence.

The suspect is facing numerous charges, including grand theft, armed carjacking, and fleeing and eluding police.