BREVARD COUNTY, FL (October 19, 2019) - writes that a man was arrested last week for allegedly committing financial crimes while waiting tables at various Brevard County restaurants. According to reports, the man is linked to the theft of 25 credit cards.

The authorities are reporting that the suspect would take photographs of the victim’s credit cards while he was running their cards and handling their bills. He would then use the stolen numbers to make online purchases. In total, he made fraudulent purchases of close to $10,000. 

The report indicates he also purchased gift cards with the stolen credit cards and then used the gift cards to pay for the bills of customers he waited on who paid in cash so that he would be able to take the money. 

In addition to credit card theft, the suspect is accused of stealing from 10 businesses in the area and then selling the stolen goods to pawn shops. He appears to have made around $6,000 by this practice. 

The suspect is now facing three charges of fraudulent use of credit cards, scheming to defraud, grand theft, four counts of criminal use of personal information, retail theft, dealing in stolen property, and false verification of ownership. 

In Florida, the fraudulent use of a credit card more than two times, or for values of greater than $100, is a felony that carries a prison sentence of up to five years. Common defenses include a claim that there was no intent to defraud or to engage in illegal activities, or that the cardholder had granted permission for the use of the card. The crime of credit card theft or fraud can have serious consequences. People facing these charges are in need of legal counsel. 

Orlando Credit Card Theft Laws 

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