Dirty Dusty Banner Image Dirty Dusty[/caption]As also reported by the Miami Herald: A 32-year-old Coral Springs wrestling coach named Dustin Garvin was arrested on Tuesday for soliciting a minor for sexual activities under the moniker of "Dirty Dusty". Apparently, Dirty Dusty posted a Craigslist personals advertisement asking for "sexual favors" from young male children. Eventually, an undercover officer responded to the add and offered up his fictional 14-year-old son to perform oral sex with Dirty Dusty. After several text message exchanges where Garvin reportedly asked the undercover officer for illicit photographs of the fictional boy in question, the Coral Springs police arrested him at school on Tuesday on charges of soliciting a minor with the purpose of engaging in a sex act.

"Dirty Dusty asked for stats and went on to explain that he wanted to provide oral and agreed that the undercover agent could watch. At that time, the undercover advised Dirty Dusty that the child was almost 14-years-old. Dirty Dusty advised that he was kind of iffy about it and asked if this was a sting operation." - Police Report