JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – According to a post on News4Jax.com, a Westside day care owner was arrested and charged with child neglect after police found a child locked in van. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrest report, the mother of the victim went to the day care center on Hyde Park Road at around 5 in the evening to pick up her child. That is when the mother overheard a staff member tell who the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office identified as the day care owner, that the woman's child was not in the day care. The worker then reassured the mother that the boy was at the day care since she hadd removed his bookbag from the boy's back. Minutes later, the child re-entered the day care.  

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrest report, the boy was profusely sweating, had bloodshot eyes, breathing hard, and the biy's T-shirt was completely soaked with sweat. The young boy explained to acksonville Sheriff’s Office officers that he was locked inside the van. According to the arrest report, the biy told the officers that he had been inside the minivan for a long time and it was very hot inside the van. The boy stated that he yelled and banged on the van's windows for help. Police offiers believe that the boy had been trapped in the van for at least two hours before the child was able to unlock one of the doors to get out of the van.  

The worker stated that she look for the biy in the van but did not see the child inside the van. One of the investigating officers who checked the minivan stated that the minivan's windowes were tinted, and that a visual check from outside of the minivan could miss a kid who was on the floor hiding or sleeping.

The outdoor temperature at the time was about 86 degrees with partly cloudy skies, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s arrest report. There was no estimated provided for the temperature inside the van at the time the biy was entrapped. The child was examined by the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department, and he was medically cleared. The own is out of jail on a bond.

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