WEST PALM BEACH, FL - According to an online arrest report posted on sun-sentinel.com, a teen who gained fame for practicing medicine without a license has been arrested again. Formerly known as "Dr. Love," the 23-year-old man from West Palm Beach, Florida, was arrested and booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on fraud and grand theft charges. The arrest report alleges that the suspect was working as a contract employee for a Delray Beach freight company when he purportedly transferred over $9,000 in customers' payments into his own personal bank account in March of 2020.

The suspect's arrest record states that the freight company owner provided law enforcement with text messages supposedly sent from the suspect that stated the suspect didn't want to return to prison and that he would do everything to "make it right." 

The suspect gained fame as a teenager back in 2015 when he was arrested for posing as a doctor. The suspect finished his prison sentence and was released from prison back in September 2019. He had served two years of his three-and-a-half-year prison sentence. In 2015, the suspect was arrested and charged with practicing naturopathy without a license and grand theft. His story grabbed the attention of the national media as law enforcement detectives uncovered an extensive fraud scheme that involved fake diplomas and name badges.

According to the suspect's West Palm Beach police arrest report, the suspect was initially accused of pretending to be a physician back in January of 2015 when he was 17-years-old. The suspect's elaborate scheme involved him wearing a doctor's lab coat at St. Mary's Medical Center. The suspect walked in on gynecological examinations. The suspect shadowed one doctor who asserted that the suspect appeared to be too young to be a medical school graduate. 

The suspect then opened a fake medical clinic in Boynton Beach, Florida. The Florida of Department of Health closed the clinic as soon as the agency discovered the suspect was not a licensed doctor. At that time, the news report states that there was no arrest record found. According to police records, the suspect then continued to pretend he was a physician, and he was arrested in 2016 when he performed a physical examination on an undercover officer at the medical clinic the suspect opened in West Palm Beach, Florida. The suspect was also accused and eventually convicted of taking over $35,000 from an 86-year-old woman from West Palm Beach as the suspect performed numerous house calls at the victim's home under the pretense that he was treating the victim for severe intestinal pain. The victim stated in the criminal case that the suspect completely emptied her bank account.

The victim stated that she found "Dr. Love" searching the internet and that she was in a lot of pain, and the suspect appeared to be very intelligent and legitimate.

"Dr. Love" was arrest in September of 2016 when he was released from jail on a bond and was awaiting his criminal trial in Palm Beach County, Florida. The suspect was accused of trying to purchase a $35,000 Jaguar using his 73-year-old godmother's personal information and without her prior permission. The suspect was convicted back in 2017, served one year in a Virginia prison, and then the suspect was extradited back to the State of Florida to face other criminal trials. The suspect faced up to 90 years in prison. However, he struck a plea deal with the Palm Beach County prosecutors. He pleaded guilty to grand theft and practicing naturopathy without a license in 2018.