CLEARWATER, FL (April 8, 2020) - writes that police in Florida are dealing with a driving-related problem resulting from the stay-at-home order. With few motor vehicles out on the road, drivers are traveling at high rates of speed on the nearly empty roadways. Florida law enforcement officers are reporting that citizens have been calling the police to express concerns over the dangerous driving they are witnessing on the state’s roads.

Police informed reporters that they are enforcing the speed limit and that they will, in fact, stop drivers and ticket them, regardless of the ongoing pandemic.

One officer stated that there are people out on the road who do not have a valid reason for doing so and that the speeds of drivers have increased greatly. The officer went on to say that people are going far above the speed limit and that they have ticketed multiple motorists for traveling at 100 miles per hour or more on Interstate 4.

Law enforcement officers called the issue a problem of public safety. Many roads in the state are experiencing the same reckless behavior.

Florida is not alone in dealing with the speeding drivers during the coronavirus outbreak. Officers in Oregon and Washington reported seeing the same conduct, including some motorists who were clocked at more than 130 miles per hour.

Police reminded drivers that at higher speeds, crashes become far more serious, and the risk of a fatality goes up significantly.

Without the normal levels of congestion, drivers are losing focus and ending up traveling at higher speeds. On the west coast, police are reporting a decrease in overall tickets, but a rise in speeding citations in proportion to overall violations.

Florida Statute §316.1926 – Felony Speeding – Exceeding the Speed Limit in of 50 MPH or More

According to Florida Statute §316.1926, speeding only becomes a third-degree felony, in the State of Florida, when the defendant is caught (3) three or more times “exceeding the speed limit by 50 or more miles per hour.” Exceeding the speed limit by 50 or more miles per hour is not a felony for the first two offenses.

A first conviction for “exceeding the speed limit by 50 or more miles per hour” is punished with a fine of $1,000, 4 points added to the driver´s license, mandatory driving school, and a suspension of the driver´s license. A second conviction will result in a $2,500 fine, mandatory, 4 points on the driver´s license, and a one-year license suspension. A third or subsequent conviction will result in punishments such as a fine of $5000, a license suspension of license up to ten years, a third-degree felony charge on the defendants criminal record, and up to 5 years in prison. A felony conviction will affect the driver´s ability to own guns, vote, and obtain employment.

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