FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA – A news article published on states that five men were ordered to leave a Spirit Airlines flight out of Fort Lauderdale. According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, the men refused to wear masks inside of the airplane. After the men left the airplane, the disruption spilled over the airport's Terminal 4 when Broward Sheriff's deputies arrived.

Two men were arrested after allegedly pushing Sherrif's deputies, and the other three men were taken into police custody.

The Spirit Airlines employees asked the men to depart the airplane when the men committed a "mask violation" inside the plane. When Broward Sheriff's Office deputies appeared at Terminal 4 at approximately 9:30 PM to escort the five men out of the airport. The men were yelling profanities. One of the suspects allegedly shoved a Sheriff's deputy, and then his father pushed another deputy. The two men were charged with disorderly conduct and battery on a law enforcement officer. The three other men were charged with for disorderly conduct.

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