FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA - A news report posted on states that a babysitter received an extremely light sentence for injuring a child more than 36 years ago.  The 5-month old child under her care sustained a severe, permanent brain injury induced by the babysitter shaking the child.  She received a sentence of three months in jail and three years on probation.

The babysitter is now facing a potential life sentence following a new Florida medical examiner's report stating the child, who passed away at 35, succumbed to the brain injuries he sustained when the babysitter shook him 36 years ago.

A Broward County grand jury just indicted the babysitter on a charge of first-degree murder.  The woman, now 59, is in jail and awaiting extradition from Texas to Florida.  The woman, who previously denied harming the 5 1/2 month boy 36 years ago, has waived extradition, the Broward State Attorney's Office reported. 

According to prosecutors who are involved in the case, the case was presented to a grand jury, and the jury decided this was a homicide.  The forensic experts who administered the autopsy concluded that the death was directly caused by the brain injuries he sustained in 1984.

The child's parents stated that their son never improved after his injuries, and he required complete assistance from his family and others.  According to the parents, their son never crawled, walked, talked, fed himself, enjoyed a hamburger or an ice cream cone, and was not able to communicate with his parents.

The parents instantly knew something was wrong when they returned home 36 years ago.  The couple rushed the infant to a hospital, and doctors diagnosed the baby with a brain hemorrhage from severe shaking.