A Florida man in his mid-20s has pleaded not guilty to planning to use weapons and explosives to cause damage and destruction in Tampa, according to CNN. The naturalized American who was born in Kosovo had allegedly planned a car bombing, as well as hostage-taking and finally an explosion of a suicide belt. He recorded a martyrdom video message that allegedly declared his motive as "payback" for the wrongs he feels were committed against Muslims.

According to authorities, the alleged plot was prevented thanks in great part to the Muslim community as well as law enforcement. The investigation of the alleged suicide bomber began in September of last year after a source told the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that the alleged criminal asked for al Qaeda flags (though he does not appear to have any affiliation with the group).

In November, he was allegedly targeting various Tampa locations, such as night clubs and the operations center of the local sheriff's office, and asked for help in obtaining the necessary weapons. The "contact" for buying those weapons was an undercover FBI agent who was allegedly given a long list of weapons to procure, including Uzi sub machine guns, an AK-47-type machine gun, grenades, high capacity magazines, and an explosive belt.

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