Fort Lauderdale, FL (August 2, 2019) – Police have arrested a mental health counselor identified as Antonio Berrios on 11 child pornography charges. Police say that Berrios was viewing pornography on the Tumblr website.

When detectives were able to take a closer look at his account, they discovered that Berrios had over 150 images of child pornography stored on the account. Police have also confirmed that Berrios has an extensive history of working as a child’s therapist and was applying to become a counselor at a school.

The arrest report stated that detectives searched his home after they received a tip from his Tumblr account. All of the files that he had stored had prepubescent females between 5 and 13 engaging in sexual activity.

Berrios has since admitted to deputies that he has seen child pornography while using the Tumblr app and that these images would just ‘pop up’ at times as well as from searches that he conducted on his own.

Antonio Berrios has since been released from prison on a $55,000 bond but is on a GPS monitor and is not allowed to have internet access.

The investigation continues at this time.

Fort Lauderdale Child Pornography Possession Laws

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