Fort Lauderdale, FL (June 5, 2019) – Fort Lauderdale Police arrested three people after disturbing allegations of child abuse came to light involving their foster child.

57-year-old Turella Forman and 27-year-old Rashad, her son, have both been charged with aggravated child abuse. 56-year-old Duane Fletcher was charged with neglecting a child with great bodily harm.

Police were first called to the home on May 16 where they found a young foster child with scars, scabs and bruises after she had been whipped with an object. The victim claimed that her foster brother and mother beat her with a jump rope and the cord to a phone charger. They allegedly made her put a rag in her mouth while she was beaten so that nobody could hear her.

Rashad admitted that he hit the victim with a belt but his mother denied striking the victim at all. The child was removed the same day after the investigation.

Since then, other allegations came out that they forced the child to sleep with a hanger clip on her lip because she wouldn’t close her mouth in her sleep. Child protection officials found an immediate danger to the child.

The investigation into the allegations continues at this time.

Fort Lauderdale Child Abuse Laws 

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