Fort Myers, FL (July 24, 2019) – According to police, two teens whose ages ranged from 16 to 19 were involved in an armed home invasion taking place at 5301 Summerlin Road in Fort Myers.

Authorities have said that the teens entered the home to allegedly purchase drugs. They took $900 in cash, a Playstation, and fake money from the residence.

Police were called to the scene of the robbery when they received dispatch calls for a breach of the peace. A woman jumped on the hood of a moving vehicle and tried breaking the windshield when the suspects tried to escape. The men crashed the vehicle into a water fountain.

Three of the arrested were adults, while two were minors aged 15 and 16. The names of those who were adult age included 19-year-old Rejarick Bush, 19-year-old Dwayne Fuller, and 18-year-old Jailyn Thomas.

Now, all three are facing charges of felony home invasion with a firearm.

Fort Myers Home Invasion Laws Fort Myers, FL – Five Arrested for Armed Home Invasion on Summerlin Road

Being charged with a serious and violent crime in Florida can be difficult to face, as many of these crimes are classified as a felony and are punishable with years in prison. On top of that, being charged with one of these crimes, especially a weapons-related crime in Fort Myers, could carry serious social consequences such as an impact on your social relationships and a difficult time finding jobs.

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