Fort Walton Beach, FL (May 10, 2019) – Deputies arrested a man on seven felony charges after they say that he struck his pregnant girlfriend and then shoved her teenage brother.

37-year-old Dennis Toomer started striking his pregnant girlfriend when they became engaged in an argument around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday at Colonial Court.

Two teenagers in the home pulled her into a bedroom so that they could protect her but Toomer busted the door open and hit her over and over again. A 15-year-old hit Toomer in the head with a bottle in an attempt to stop him but Toomer shoved him out of the way. He then pulled a 9 mm handgun out and threatened everybody in the room that he would use it.

Deputies were called to the scene and, upon their arrival, Toomer refused to come out for 10 minutes. When he finally came out, deputies rushed inside and found the gun inside a box.

Toomer has since been charged with aggravated battery on a pregnant victim, display of a weapon during a felony, child abuse, and various other charges.

Fort Walton Beach Aggravated Battery Laws

Fort Walton Beach, FL – Man Arrested on Seven Felony Charges After Hitting GirlfriendIf you have been charged with aggravated battery in Florida or any other type of related crime, you might be facing a slew of penalties that are frightening and devastating to you. If you are facing one of these crimes, you might be facing the reality of imprisonment, loss of rights, and a criminal record that will hold you back from many aspects of your life. Unfortunately, due to the nature of these crimes, you might also find that judges in Florida err on the side of the victim, even if you have been wrongfully accused of battery or any other type of violent crime.

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