Gainesville, FL (July 8, 2019) – Police arrested 38-year-old Willie Harvey, of Macon, GA after he kidnapped a woman in Georgia and then brought her to Florida where he raped her.

Allegedly, Harvey broke into the victim’s home wielding a large knife and told the victim that he also had a gun. Harvey forced the victim into her own vehicle and drove away with her. Harvey also raped the victim.

Harvey and the victim arrived in Gainesville and drove to a Circle K on West University Avenue. The victim was told to go inside to buy brillo pads for smoking crack cocaine.

The victim noticed a police vehicle pulling up and was too afraid to run away because Harvey told her that he would kill her. The woman asked if she could use a phone, which she used to call 911.

Harvey entered the store at some point and took money from the victim. When he realized what was happening, he immediately drove off. After a police chase, Harvey was captured and arrested.

Harvey told officers that he was dating the victim but did not know her name or address. He has since been arrested for kidnapping, robbery, and other related charges.

Gainesville Kidnapping Laws 

Gainesville, FL – Man Arrested After Kidnapping and Raping WomanFacing violent crime charges in Gainesville can be a difficult and devastating reality to face, especially if you believe that you are not guilty of such a heinous crime. These crimes can have a major impact on your life. If you have committed a Florida kidnapping crime, you might find yourself in a challenging position including prison time, fines, and even finding it difficult to retain employment. Being charged with one of these crimes can set you on a path you are not familiar with, which is why it is important to have help on your side.

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