Gainesville, FL (June 25, 2019) –On Sunday, June 23, a man was arrested in Gainesville after he drove to his ex-girlfriend’s home and broke into it to steal a ring from her.

The man was identified as 23-year-old Michael Hodgdon, who drove all the way from Tallahassee to Gainesville to speak with his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, hoping to retrieve a ring from her. When he arrived, the ex-girlfriend refused to speak with him.

Hodgdon found a way inside the apartment and broke in, throwing the boyfriend over a desk and assaulting him by smacking his head off of a wall. He then went into the woman’s bedroom and took the ring, which was valued at around $500.

Hodgdon called out for help and some witnesses head her, calling the police for assistance. Hodgdon was since charged with burglary with assault and grand theft. He has since been booked in jail.

Gainesville Burglary Laws

Gainesville, FL – Man Breaks into Ex-Girlfriend’s Home to Steal RingBeing charged with burglary, especially the crimes involving violence, are penalized harshly under the law. If you are facing a burglary case in Gainesville or anywhere else in Florida, you might be facing serious felony charges including prison time, large fines, victim restitution, and more. You might find that you are not eligible for certain career opportunities and you might obtain a social stigma that will follow you through life. This is why, if you are facing Florida theft crimes, you might need the assistance of a skilled defense attorney at this time.

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